Weiner Law Group is well known for its representation of local school boards in communities across New Jersey. In that role we provide a full range of services, including attending all Board meetings and special education conferences, preparing and reviewing documents related to the conduct of Board business, bids, construction contracts and other agreements; services involving Board governance, the annual school election, budget process, budget appeals and sending-receiving relationships; and handling of all real estate matters, including the acquisition, sale and leasing of school property. 

Labor and Personnel

We also serve our clients in all facets of labor and personnel matters. As Labor Counsel and Chief Negotiator, we review and analyze all relevant Collective Bargaining Agreements, represent clients at all negotiating sessions (up to and including mediation and post-impasse procedures), prepare language and economic proposals on behalf of the Board, and file and/or respond to Petitions for Scope of Negotiations Determination, Unfair Practice Charges or Unit Clarification Petitions before the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC).


When conflicts arise we represent our clients in all labor-related litigation, including grievance arbitrations, increment withholding, tenure dismissal/appeals, EEOC/civil rights matters, Unfair Practice and other proceedings before PERC, and wage-and-hour matters before the Department of Labor. We also handle all phases of special education litigation, classification and placement appeals, bidding contests, construction-related issues and injunctions.

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