Land Use & Real Estate

The legal complexities surrounding land use and real estate require that attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations, and the tenacity and skill to stay current with ever-changing market conditions. Our attorneys have an impressive breadth and depth of experience in this area and regularly handle all aspects of real estate development, including acquisitions, sales, leasing, financing, construction, and zoning and planning.

Land Use & Real Estate Clientele

Our public and private sector clients, including property owners, builders, contractors, lenders, investors and other stakeholders, trust us to skillfully represent their interests in any residential, commercial or industrial project they undertake. We also represent planning boards and zoning boards of adjustment in issues involving land use applications, permits, approvals and variances.

Real Estate Development and Redevelopment

We regularly participate in the development, redevelopment, financing, leasing and sale of all types of real estate, including office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, condominiums, apartment buildings, manufacturing facilities, industrial and research parks, and single family subdivisions.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in the development and revitalization of our state’s urban centers, and of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We have assisted clients in obtaining major residential and comffmercial approvals along the Hudson River, and have represented clients and appeared before land use agencies in virtually all New Jersey counties. We also have appeared in court as special counsel on behalf of clients who wish to appeal the results they receive in a municipality.


Our land use attorneys regularly negotiate transactions ranging from simple purchase and sale agreements to highly sophisticated transactions including restrictive covenants, sale and leaseback arrangements, air rights development and creative conceptual structuring designed to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Environmental Issues

It is our practice to include a complete review and analysis of the various environmental issues confronted on each transaction, and to advise our clients on any remediation required. It is safe to say that we have faced almost every conceivable land use matter under the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law, Wetlands Act, Stream Encroachment Rules, and all other related development, redevelopment or economic legislation in the state.

Land Use & Real Estate Litigation

When disputes arise involving breach of contract, construction defects, zoning conflicts or other issues that threaten a project’s completion, we advocate aggressively for our clients to achieve a swift resolution through the most efficient means possible, including negotiation, arbitration or mediation. However if that is not possible, we apply the full measure of our knowledge and skills to achieve a favorable outcome for our clients at trial.

Subject Matter Knowledge

Owing to their exhaustive industry knowledge, partners in our Land Use Department are the recipients of multiple industry awards, have served as head of both the Land Use Section and Local Government Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and have served as President of the New Jersey Institute of Local Government Law Attorneys and as Editor of the Municipal Land Use Law published by the New Jersey Planning Officials. They also have written books on the topic, and regularly teach Development Law at Rutgers University to a variety of groups.

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