Workers’ Compensation

Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys leverage an impressive depth of legislative knowledge and experience to serve as claims counsel to insurance companies, self-insured corporations and public entities.

We defend claims filed by injured workers, prosecute insurance fraud and insurance coverage cases, address pre-litigation issues and assist in recouping compensation payments from third party recoveries. We have represented clients in all 15 workers’ compensation district offices, and have handled cases ranging from simple, single-issue claims to complex matters involving contested issues of compensability and causation.

Litigation Methodology

Our attorneys prepare each case as if it will proceed to trial, so we are in the best position to negotiate favorable settlements and to aggressively defend our clients when settlements cannot be reached. When preparing a case strategy, we perform background searches on all claimants and thoroughly review all documents and medical records in search of the strongest possible defense. We choose subject matter experts with the highest credentials in their fields and based on their ability to address case-specific issues.

As the case proceeds, our attorneys work in ongoing consultation with the department head, the client and the other litigation team members. 

Consultation meetings are a prerequisite for matters such as requests for settlement authority, development of trial and settlement negotiation strategies, and resource efficiency. This collaboration ensures that all issues are addressed and we are in the best position to obtain a favorable outcome for our client.

Preventive Counsel

With the goal of preventing litigation whenever possible, we regularly consult with clients on policy issues, set up investigation protocols, assist with risk management, run seminars, and co-ordinate with other firm departments to provide comprehensive solutions to issues which go beyond workers’ compensation litigation.

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