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Divorce or annulment, a family law attorney can help with either

Marriages end for a number of reasons. For every couple, the reason is their own. However, why a marriage fails to thrive can be the determining factor in whether one needs to seek a divorce or an annulment. Whichever is appropriate, a family law attorney can assist those in New Jersey who are looking to end their marriages get through the process.

How are an annulment and a divorce different? When one seeks an annulment, it means that he or she wants a court to rule that the marriage basically never happened. A divorce, on the other hand, is all about ending the marriage and dividing assets. In order to seek an annulment, it means that at least one of four conditions existed in the marriage, these conditions are bigamy, fraud, insanity or force.

Will a New Jersey judge approve your custody agreement?

When you decided to end your relationship, you may have made an agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse that you would put aside your differences in order to co-parent. You and the other parent may be working toward developing a custody agreement and parenting plan that will work best for your children and for the two of you as well.

However, do you know if your plan will meet with the approval of a New Jersey family court? The judge wants to ensure that your agreement serves the best interest of your children. While it is true that you can create any agreement that you want, if it fails to meet that threshold in the eyes of a judge, you may get sent back to try again.

You're divorcing your spouse, not your lenders

During your marriage, you may have incurred some debts with your spouse. Perhaps you have a mortgage, a car loan or two, and credit cards, along with other financial obligations. While things are good, you both work together to make the payments on your debts and enjoy the fruits of those labors.

That could change dramatically if your marriage ends. As you work to untangle your lives, you are splitting not just assets, but your debts as well. So what does it mean to "divide" your debts in a divorce?

Divorce experts optimistic about the future

You may be facing an upheaval of Titanic proportions. You thought you had everything figured out, but then reality started to creep into your life. Your marriage isn't working, and now you are looking at divorce.

Two divorce experts have teamed up for people just like you, and they are sharing some of their advice in a new book. In a recent news article, they give a few excerpts of their sage advice. The overarching theme is stay positive, change is good, and you never know what blessings lay ahead!

What to do if you don't have the kids on Labor Day weekend

If you’re newly separated and are spending Labor Day weekend without the kids (since they are spending the day with your ex) it is not exactly a recipe for disaster. As we have mentioned in a few of our posts, the holiday season is a “season” for a reason; it is a collection of days for people to spend time with family, unwind from the stressors of everyday life (i.e. work and school) and be thankful for another year.

So if you are alone, this is when carpe diem comes into play. You may finally have the opportunity to have a day trip to catch up with friends and family. Even if it is an impromptu trip, jumping in the car for a drive may be the thing to break off any blues you may have. 

Divorce rates are down, but moral acceptance is up

Throughout American history, divorce rates have fluctuated, yet steadily trended up. In 1969, then Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, enacted the nation's first no-fault divorce bill. Many pundits marked this as the start of the "divorce revolution," with 49 states passing similar measures by 1985. With the laws that bound husband and wife partially dismantled, the nation's divorce rate more than doubled over the next twenty years.

While states were busy simplifying the divorce process in the mid-70s, divorce was still considered morally unacceptable by 60 percent of U.S. citizens. However, while the majority of citizens were seemingly looking to the government to encumber the divorce process, the divorce rate started climbing.

Prenuptial versus postnuptial agreements

Ending a marriage can be one of the most traumatic experiences any person can go through. However, some people in New Jersey have found that having a prenuptial agreement in place eased the divorce process. It not only made it less traumatic, but it also saved them a lot of time and money.

Times have changed, and many young couples prefer to establish their careers before they consider marriage. When they do get married, they have already accumulated assets that might need protection. While discussions about marriage contracts were deemed tricky in the past, they have become much more commonplace these days.

Morris County Divorce Attorney Explains Equitable Distribution in New Jersey

What is Equitable Distribution in NJ?

Equitable-Distribution-300x200.jpgNew Jersey follows the law of equitable distribution. Many times this the term arises in the context of a divorce proceeding, but few people understand what it actually means. The goal of equitable distribution is fairly straightforward: to distribute property acquired during a marriage to both spouses, regardless of whether or not the property was in the name of one or both spouses. The theory underlying equitable distribution is that a marriage is viewed as an "economic partnership" and each spouse is entitled to a share of the property acquired during the marriage. The distribution can either occur through a voluntary agreement or by order of the Superior Court. This process is often very complex and emotionally charged, especially when considering the reasons for which the divorce is sought in the first place.

Morris County Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Leaving New Jersey with Your Child

What if I Want to Leave the State of New Jersey With My Child?

Child-Custody-Leaving-New-Jersey-With-Your-Child-300x200.pngWhen parents separate as a result of divorce, many challenges may arise, including deciding on visitation time with children. One of the less foreseeable impacts of divorce is how it affects plans for one parent who wants to move outside of the state, due to work or other reasons. Many parents often wonder if it is even possible to relocate out of state with their children after a divorce in New Jersey.

Morris County Divorce Lawyer Discusses How to Get Along With Your Ex-Spouse During the Holidays

Understanding how to get along with your ex-spouse during the holidays is imperative

How-to-Get-Along-During-the-Holidays-After-a-Divorce-300x200.jpgDivorce is a difficult process that has an impact not only the proceedings as they occur, but also down the road after a divorce is finalized. Many recognize the benefit of avoiding negative behavior that may lead to years of emotional warfare and bitterness during and after a divorce. Such a realization can provide positive impacts on your well being and your relationships with others.

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