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Closing a business? Follow these four steps.

Businesses close for any number of reasons. Some close because the business owner is ready to move on to a new endeavor, be it retirement or another market, others close because the business idea did not pan out as planned. Whatever led to the dissolution, business owners must follow proper protocol when closing their business.

Although the exact process will vary with each business, four general steps that apply to most business dissolutions include:

Child support: Here's what it pays for

Child-Support-531266371_730x483.jpegLike many New Jersey parents who have gone through similar experiences, if you're preparing to divorce, you might be worried about your children and how your decision (or your spouse's, if it wasn't your idea) to end your marriage may affect their lives. It can be helpful to talk to close friends or family members who have already divorced, to ask them for advice regarding child-related issues, such as custody, visitation and child support.

They may be able to tell you what worked or didn't in their situations. Regarding child support, whether you'll be the custodial parent using payments to provide for your children's needs or the non-custodial parent making payments to help care for your kids, it helps to know more about the types of expenses support is meant to cover. It's also a good idea to learn more about the system and how it works, especially where you can seek support if a problem arises.  

Stressful work environment: Does workers' comp apply?


Workers' compensation laws offer qualifying employees benefits in the event of injury. In some cases, the law is relatively clear. Workers that fall while on the job, may qualify for workers' comp benefits. Those that are injured by equipment while on the job will likely qualify for benefits.

But what if a worker claims they are working in an overly stressful environment? What if the worker claims the stress from his or her job results in a heart attack? Can this worker get workers' compensation benefits?

Ho, Ho, Hold That Bill! Divorce & Financial Infidelity.

It is not uncommon for one spouse to rack up a credit card bill or other form of debt when going through a divorce. This individual may think he or she can get some extra purchases in on their future ex’s tab. Unfortunately, this can become even more common during the holidays. The desire to buy gifts for family, friends and co-workers can make anyone push their monthly budget to breaking point. Add in the temptation to have an ex pay the bill and overspending can quickly get out of control.

Divorce petition helps to kick-start divorce process

Broken-lollipop-in-shape-of-heart-on-a-dark-background-with-copy-space-1075951390_726x484.jpegYou might be eager to break up with your spouse and move forward with your own life. However, you might not be sure how to get the process started.

Your first step when it comes to getting divorced is filing your petition for divorce. Here is a look at what this step involves in New Jersey.

Tips from OSHA for workplace safety during the holidays

The United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends employers take extra precautions to ensure worker safety during the holiday season.

Who is at increased risk of injury during the holidays? The agency notes employees in every field can experience increased risk this time of year, not just those in retail. Workers in the transportation industry, for example, likely experience an increase in deadlines due to upcoming vacations or holidays off as well as increased traffic congestion. These holiday specific factors can result in an increased risk of accidents.

Three Ways to End a Business Partnership


Business partnerships, like marriage, do not always end as planned. Some business relationships work as well as one may hope and the business thrives. Others become contentious and partners realize it is best to go their separate ways.

Which leads to one big question -- how do business partners dissolve the partnership?

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