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Putting your best foot forward in a custody battle

Enduring a custody battle can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences imaginable for a parent. Whether you are in the process of divorcing the child's other parent or are defending a custody challenge in court, you need to make a positive impression during your custody hearing to reach your goal of obtaining custody.

To that end, lets take a look at several methods parents can use to put their best foot forward in a custody battle. 

Engage and Inspire with Partner Douglas Zucker at the 2019 NJLA Annual Conference

Partner Douglas S. Zucker, Esq. has been invited to present at the 2019 New Jersey Library Association Annual Conference at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City, NJ on May 29-31. Join him as he presents two sessions on Thursday, May 30, 2019. The first session, "Building a Foundation for Long-Term Library Funding" will focus on options libraries have for private fund raising to supplement budgets. He will explain library foundations, what they are, how they operate, what's involved in setting up a foundation, the difference between Friends groups and foundation and why libraries opt to have both, as well as issues associated with naming aspects of a library in exchange for generous donations.

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Does a patent add value to your business?

A patent is a legal tool that allows the holder to protect their innovative ideas. If granted, a patent serves to exclude others from using, making or selling the item protected by the patent for set period of time. But does this asset provide value to a business? If so, how do business owners know the value of their patent? This piece will discuss these issues.


Starting a blended family? Tips for a successful transition.

More and more couples are finding love a second time. Whether the first relationship ended due to divorce or death of a partner. A recent study by the Pew Research Center finds that the vast majority of individuals over the age 55 find love a second time. 67 percent of these individuals, to be exact.


The high rate of remarriage may be the result of increased life expectancy or increased divorce rates amongst couples once their children leave the family home. In many cases, these new relationships can result in a blended family. A blended family, for the purposes of this post, refers to a family where the partners have children from a previous relationship.

What can you accomplish with your prenuptial agreement?


When preparing to marry, it is helpful to think about things beyond what you will wear and what food you will serve at the reception. The reality is that marriages often end at some point in the future, and it is in your interests to take steps now to protect yourself in case this happens. You can do this by drafting a prenuptial agreement. 

A prenuptial agreement allows you to decide how property division will work in the event of a divorce, but that is not all it can accomplish. There are several things you can do to shield your legal and financial interests with this document. Before you walk down the aisle, you may want to learn more about why many New Jersey couples find it beneficial to draft these agreements before marriage.

Three things to Know Before Dissolving Your Business

It is important to have an exit strategy when dissolving your business. You cannot simply hang a "closed" sign and move on to your next business endeavor. The United States Small Business Administration provides some tips, including:

  • Gather and organize your paperwork. Business owners will likely need to complete dissolution documents. This is especially important if the business was incorporated as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. These documents are generally available with the state agency you contacted to incorporate your business.

Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor

On July 4, 1776, the most powerful armed forces in the world were on the American continent. They were there to subdue rebels -- colonists who believed they were entitled to the full rights of Englishmen. Subdue, indeed. The British Redcoats were paid men hired to defend the King and his honor.  

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