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Update: NJ Moves Land Use Permit Requests Online

Technological innovations impact every aspect of life -- including business needs. Business leaders have used technology to build and grow their enterprises, helping with everything from basic business operations to product development and marketing needs.

In addition to making the most of these advances, business leaders must also adjust for changes in technology from other sources that directly impact their business.


Protecting Your Role as a Parent After Divorce

New Jersey parents want nothing more than to retain strong relationships with their children after divorce. The end of your marriage does not mean an end to your role as a loving and active parent, and you have the right to protect that. Fighting for your parental rights may continue well after your divorce is final.

The finalization of your divorce does not necessarily mean the finalization of the problems you have with the other parent. Hard feelings may continue and difficulties can carry on, ultimately affecting your custody schedule, along with the relationship you have with your child. This is parenting time interference, and you can take steps to make it stop. 


Was the college admittance scandal criminal?

The college admittance scandal has gotten a good deal of media attention over the last couple of weeks. Dubbed "Operation Varsity Blues," the sting resulted in criminal charges for over 50 people. Part of the reason for the high level of publicity is the involvement of some of Hollywood's elite, Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

Was the scam criminal? For criminal charges to move forward, the prosecution must have evidence of a crime. The case lends itself to a discussion of this niche area of the legal world. This specific instance focuses on fraud, a type of crime referred to as white collar crime. White collar crime offenses are generally those that involve an individual who acts for seeks financial gain through criminal means without causing physical harm.


NJICLE Round Table Discussion

4-17-2019 10-13-11 PM.jpg

Kathryn Van Deusen Hatfield has been invited to participate at NJICLE's round table discussion at the annual Public Employment Conference on April 26th at the East Brunswick Hilton. Ms. Hatfield and a panel of her esteemed colleagues will join Governor Murphy and Senator Loretta Weinberg, Senate Majority leader in updating attendees on new developments in employment law and their impact on public sector employers.

Ms. Hatfield's focus will be on employee contributions to healthcare after Chapter 78 sunset, trends in Wage settlement, WDEA implementation issues and bargaining WDEA contract provisions, and settlement trends and interest arbitration developments within Police and Fire Contracts. "This is the only conference of the year that gathers public employers and representatives in once place to discuss issues of importance to them both. Attendees will learn how management and union representatives are addressing critical negotiable items at the bargaining table," says Hatfield. 


Things I Learned in Litigation

Its 2019 and your goals as a Board of Education remain virtually unchanged for the last 50 years or so: To best educate your students in a fair, least restrictive, and best way possible. We all know it's not that easy anymore. In this multi-part series, I will share some insights and speed bumps I have encountered Litigating in the 21st Century. To date, the most imperative thing I have learned is that the obvious, isn't so obvious.

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What happens to a business when the owner gets divorced?

Divorce results in the division of marital property. When a divorce involves a business owner, the business may be subject to division. Business owners can take steps to avoid this, such as the use of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. However, absent a business owner's active attempts to keep the property separate, the business will likely be subject to division during divorce. 


Putting your best foot forward in a custody battle

You may already be feeling the pain of separation from your child, whether you are divorcing the child's other parent or have never been married. You may have some visitation rights, or perhaps you have full custody and the other parent is challenging that custody in court.

The odds may be in your favor, or you may be at a decided disadvantage. Nevertheless, you have to make a positive impact during your custody hearing to reach your goal of obtaining custody.

Engage and Inspire with Partner Douglas Zucker at the 2019 NJLA Annual Conference

Partner Douglas S. Zucker, Esq. has been invited to present at the 2019 New Jersey Library Association Annual Conference at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City, NJ on May 29-31. Join him as he presents two sessions on Thursday, May 30, 2019. The first session, "Building a Foundation for Long-Term Library Funding" will focus on options libraries have for private fund raising to supplement budgets. He will explain library foundations, what they are, how they operate, what's involved in setting up a foundation, the difference between Friends groups and foundation and why libraries opt to have both, as well as issues associated with naming aspects of a library in exchange for generous donations.

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Does a patent add value to your business?

A patent is a legal tool that allows the holder to protect their innovative ideas. If granted, a patent serves to exclude others from using, making or selling the item protected by the patent for set period of time. But does this asset provide value to a business? If so, how do business owners know the value of their patent? This piece will discuss these issues.


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