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Three Ways to End a Business Partnership


Business partnerships, like marriage, do not always end as planned. Some business relationships work as well as one may hope and the business thrives. Others become contentious and partners realize it is best to go their separate ways.

Which leads to one big question -- how do business partners dissolve the partnership?

Child Support May Make Rearing Your Children Easier


After deciding to get divorced and filing your divorce papers, you feel a sense of relief. After all, you are one step closer to living an independent life again. However, you have young children and are concerned about being able to support them if you end up with custody of them.

Fortunately, child support can help you to cover the costs associated with rearing your children. Here is a glimpse at how these court-ordered payments work in the state of New Jersey.

Divorce in New Jersey: The Basics of the CIS

Divorce is a creature of state law. As such, the exact process used to navigate a divorce will vary in each state. In New Jersey, those who go through a divorce generally need to complete a Case Information Statement (CIS). The court will use this form to help guide the asset division determination portion of the proceeding.

As noted in a recent publication by the National Law Review, the CIS is an important part of divorce in New Jersey. Not only does the court use this document to guide property division, but it can serve as a tool in litigation.

What Types of Alimony are Available in New Jersey?

divorce scale small.jpg
There are four basic types of alimony that are generally available during divorce negotiations in New Jersey. The first type of alimony, and likely the most well-known, is open durational alimony. This award results in spousal support for an unspecified period of time.

It is important to note that this is not the only type of alimony award available during divorce. Three additional options outlined by New Jersey state law to take into consideration include:

Taking Steps to Safeguard Your Financial Future During Divorce

financial future in divorce.jpg

If you and your spouse reach a point in life where parting ways is the healthiest option, you may be eager to move forward and open a new chapter in your life. However, with the potential gravity the outcome of your divorce could have on your life, you might be in search of advice on how to prepare for the process.

While the end of your marriage could impact your life in various ways, one of your primary focuses could revolve around the possible financial ramifications. Since making the transition to a one-person income can be intimidating enough as is, taking steps to safeguard your financial future could prove imperative.

Three FAQs About Alimony in New Jersey

alimony.jpgNew Jersey state law allows for the award of alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, during a divorce when the court deems the payments "reasonable and just."

But what exactly does that mean? This post will focus on three of the most commonly asked questions about alimony payments. Since family law is a creature of state law, it is important to clarify that this post will focus specifically on the award of alimony as governed by the laws in New Jersey.

Can You Be Prepared to Leave a Violent Relationship?

crying woman small.jpg

After years of being the victim of a violent relationship, you are starting to come to terms with the fact that you need to end your relationship if you are to stay safe and have the chance at regaining your independency. In order to start working towards this new path of freedom, you must first leave your partner in New Jersey and begin living on your own again. 

This step in your journey may undoubtedly be the most difficult as you strategically create a plan that will enable you to get out of the control of your abuser without putting yourself further into harm's way. According to helpguide.org, some of the things that you can do to prepare include the following:

  • Think about and be familiar with all of the points of exit in your home. 
  • Decide on a code word that will notify others of when you are in danger so they can call for help. Share this information with trusted friends, family or even your children. 
  • Be aware of the signs that your abuser is about to snap. 
  • Keep a small bag with essentials packed and ready to go so when an opportunity presents itself, you are not wasting precious moments packing things you need. 
  • Memorize the phone numbers and addresses of people who you can go to in an emergency. 
  • If you contact resources such as a shelter, use a friend's phone or a pay phone to eliminate the risk of your abuser finding out who you have been speaking to. 
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