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New Jersey Child Support Lawyer Discusses Modifications if You Lost Your Job

shutterstock_391117012-300x225.jpgAs a skillful New Jersey Child Support Lawyer, I get questions from clients who have recently lost their job and are concerned about paying their child support. The loss of a job and child support are two difficult topics to cover with your attorney. Simply losing your job this week and going to court next week does not mean that the court is going to modify or in any way stop your child support obligation. A parent has a duty to support their children throughout the child's life all the way through emancipation. The mere loss of your job is not a reason to modify child support. There are a lot of considerations that you need to discuss with an attorney to determine whether or not your child support could be modified, even if it's just on a temporary basis.

Negotiating the Amount of Child Support in NJ

shutterstock_30259111-225x300.jpgI often get questions from clients about the amount one will have to pay in child support. Many people ask, "Can I negotiate the amount of child support? Do I have to use the child support guidelines?" The most important piece of my answer is child support belongs to the children. It's the right of the children to receive support from both of their parents. It's not something that belongs inherently to the parent of primary residence. It's not a right that you can negotiate away. You can't go into court and say, "I'm going to waive child support." It's not something that you waive. There are considerations if you want to pay more child support or if there is a consideration you're going to pay less child support. Perhaps though that parent is directly paying private school costs or that parent's paying the full cost of after care. There's some other consideration that the parent is making a monetary contribution to something else in the child's life such that you'll then say it's equitable; it's then fair to the child to pay a lower amount of child support.

New Jersey Child Support Lawyer Explains How Long a Parent Has to Pay

shutterstock_120786073-300x199.jpgAs an accomplished New Jersey Child Support Lawyer, I often get questions from clients about time a parent has to pay child support. The duty to pay child support belongs to both parents in a divorce. In New Jersey we use a calculation, there's a formula that is a composite of both the mother's income and the father's income and the court will calculate the child support. Your attorney probably has the same software and can generate an appropriate child support calculation for your family. Child support continues in the State of New Jersey until your child is emancipated. Emancipation is an event. Either your child has graduated high school and is not going on to higher education or your child has gone off to college and now he or she is graduating. If you reached a settlement agreement, that should discuss emancipation. It should put a placeholder in there. Are you giving your child four years to graduate college or five years to graduate college? What's the end date? That is something you should negotiate up front.

New Jersey Child Support Attorney on Paying for College Costs

shutterstock_89182765-300x206.jpgEvery parent dreams of their child going off onto higher education, whether that may be college or another type of post-high school training program. All of these programs come at a cost and I am often asked as a New Jersey Child Support Attorney, "How are we going to get the money to pay for this?" If the child has a 529 plan or some other college savings plan that was earmarked for his education prior to the divorce, that's great. In that case, we'll tap into that asset first.

New Jersey Child Support Lawyer on Extracurricular Activities

shutterstock_3553494-300x230.jpgI am often asked as a New Jersey Child Support Lawyer, who pays for extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are often a point of contention in a divorce. One parent says, "You know what? Our child plays soccer; he plays volleyball; he plays ice hockey, and he swims." The other parent says, "That's great, but that's four activities, and that's far too much money." In those cases, I ask my clients, "What was the standard? What were the children doing when the family was intact? How many activities were they enrolled in during the course of the marriage?" Every family does what's right for their children. Some feel that one activity per season is enough, while others think two activities per season is appropriate. Your pre-divorce norm should serve as your starting point.

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