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Reading your children's emotional signs as they cope with divorce

As the parent of several children, you may relate to other New Jersey parents who say they weren't quite prepared for the challenges that laid ahead in helping their kids adapt to new lifestyles after divorce. Depending on the ages of your children, you may notice a wide range of emotion from anger or frustration to sadness, depression or regressive behaviors. The key is knowing how to recognize signs of trouble and where to seek support when a particular type of problem arises.

Approaching life after divorce with a financial strategy in hand

The end of a marriage will inevitably bring about change in the lives of everyone involved. If you are going through a divorce, you probably have enough stress on your plate as is, and concerns about how the outcome will impact your financial future may do little to ease the situation.

You're divorcing your spouse, not your lenders

During your marriage, you may have incurred some debts with your spouse. Perhaps you have a mortgage, a car loan or two, and credit cards, along with other financial obligations. While things are good, you both work together to make the payments on your debts and enjoy the fruits of those labors.

Divorce rates are down, but moral acceptance is up

Throughout American history, divorce rates have fluctuated, yet steadily trended up. In 1969, then Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, enacted the nation's first no-fault divorce bill. Many pundits marked this as the start of the "divorce revolution," with 49 states passing similar measures by 1985. With the laws that bound husband and wife partially dismantled, the nation's divorce rate more than doubled over the next twenty years.

Morris County Divorce Attorney Explains Equitable Distribution in New Jersey

What is Equitable Distribution in NJ?

Equitable-Distribution-300x200.jpgNew Jersey follows the law of equitable distribution. Many times this the term arises in the context of a divorce proceeding, but few people understand what it actually means. The goal of equitable distribution is fairly straightforward: to distribute property acquired during a marriage to both spouses, regardless of whether or not the property was in the name of one or both spouses. The theory underlying equitable distribution is that a marriage is viewed as an "economic partnership" and each spouse is entitled to a share of the property acquired during the marriage. The distribution can either occur through a voluntary agreement or by order of the Superior Court. This process is often very complex and emotionally charged, especially when considering the reasons for which the divorce is sought in the first place.

Morris County Divorce Lawyer Discusses How to Get Along With Your Ex-Spouse During the Holidays

Understanding how to get along with your ex-spouse during the holidays is imperative

How-to-Get-Along-During-the-Holidays-After-a-Divorce-300x200.jpgDivorce is a difficult process that has an impact not only the proceedings as they occur, but also down the road after a divorce is finalized. Many recognize the benefit of avoiding negative behavior that may lead to years of emotional warfare and bitterness during and after a divorce. Such a realization can provide positive impacts on your well being and your relationships with others.

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Discusses Purposeful Underemployment

shutterstock_274590818-300x201.jpgAs an experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, if someone says to me, "My spouse is purposefully underemployed," the surgeon that says, "I'm not going to be a surgeon; I'm going to be a second grade teacher," great, go be a second grade teacher. You know what the court is going to say to a person like that? We're going to do child support and alimony based on you being a surgeon because you're purposefully underemployed. If there's a legitimate reason why that individual has their income reduced or their careers changed, it's one thing.

New Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses Moving Out and Moving Back

shutterstock_356093996-300x200.jpgAs an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, if someone asks me about a spouse who moves out and they want to move back in, my first reaction is going to be, "Why?" Why'd they move out? Why are they moving back in? A lot of times, I know spouses will just be heated and leave, and they'll come meet with me, and I'll say to them, "Get back in the house." Why? Because if you're not in the house, you have to pay for another place to live, you have to pay another cable bill potentially, and it could be costly. Now, if you have the wherewithal financially to do that, and it's the best situation for the family to go through this process, great, don't go back; stay out.

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