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Pre-Divorce Planning Guide, Final Installment

WEINER LAWInsightsPre-Divorce Planning Guide, Final Installment
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Alimony Family Law Monday, June 10, 2019

Join Partner Gwyneth Murray-Nolan in the final installment of her three part series on Pre-Divorce Planning.  Divorce is a stressful time, so be sure not to leave details until the last minute.

Pre-Divorce Planning Guide


It goes without saying that paystubs will be of vital importance.  Whether both of you or only one works, make sure you have copies of paystubs and compensation.  This includes bonus checks or commissions for the last 5 years.  You will also need copies of union contracts, union dues, and/or union agreements.

Inventory of Household Items

The pool table has never been a favorite of yours, but the framed Super Bowl tickets were a gift from your father.  Spend some time doing an inventory of your house.  You might not need to document the toaster, but the china set that is your favorite pattern might need to be inventoried.  You and your spouse will have to come to terms with possessions and furniture, so make sure you are aware of what you own.  If you have any large expensive items in the house such as furs, art, jewelry, etc., make sure you have any proof of coverage on insurance and any valuation of the items.  It is suggested that when your spouse is not home, you take a videotape or cell phone recording of each room of the house, in particular any jointly owned valuables or items of personal significance that you will want to keep record of.

And Finally…

Contact your divorce lawyer.  If you are organized and clear headed, the emotional strain will not be as great.

About the Author

Ms. Gwyneth Murray-Nolan is a Partner at Weiner Law Group LLP, specializing in a number of diverse areas of the law. Ms. Murray-Nolan has extensive trial experience in the State of New Jersey in a wide variety of practice areas including family law, personal injury and insurance defense cases. Ms. Murray-Nolan is a Member of the Morris County Bar Association, a Member of the New Jersey Association for Justice, and a Member of the American Bar Association. Ms. Murray-Nolan has served as a Morris County Civil Mediator and a speaker for various functions and associations pertaining to the law.


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