Steps to Take When You’re Thinking of Making a Break

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It started as a match made in heaven (or at least in New Jersey), but time and circumstances changed and a parting of ways may be in sight. The thought of divorce can seem overwhelming, with a host of financial, emotional and logistical issues that need addressing. Because the... read more

Summer Visitation Tips for Divorced Parents in New Jersey

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School’s is out for summer and kids all over New Jersey find reason to celebrate. But for children of separated or divorced parents, summertime can bring with it changes in custody arrangements that can cause extra stress. A parent may resent how the schedule change will impact everyday routines... read more

Domestic Abuse: Know the Laws, Know Your Rights

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When a person enters into a relationship, they do so with expectations of a lifetime of happiness with their partner. Sometimes, those expectations fall short and signs of discord begin to manifest. Sentiments, words and actions can be perceived as hurtful, threatening or downright abusive, whether that was the... read more

Having a Prenup Can Set a Solid Foundation for Your Upcoming Marriage

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Getting married? Congratulations! It’s a romantic time, full of love, expectation and happy celebrations. But amidst all these festivities, New Jersey couples should set some time aside for the practicalities that come with legal unions — like whether to consider a prenuptial agreement (a.k.a., a prenup). While no one... read more

What Types of Alimony are Available in New Jersey?

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There are four basic types of alimony that are generally available during divorce negotiations in New Jersey. The first type of alimony, and likely the most well-known, is open durational alimony. This award results in spousal support for an unspecified period of time. It is important to note that... read more

What are the Advantages of Mediation in NJ?

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During these stressful days, divorce or legal separation can make it overwhelming for couples in New Jersey and across the United States. There is an array of emotions attached to divorce and these feelings can make it difficult to create a comprehensive divorce settlement. In some cases, however, couples... read more