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Fighting Unnecessary Costs of Employee Injuries

WEINER LAWInsightsWorkers' Compensation DefenseFighting Unnecessary Costs of Employee Injuries

Workers' Compensation Defense Wednesday, February 26, 2020

At Weiner Law Group, LLP, one of the most common problems we encounter with New Jersey workers’ compensation cases is the tendency for injured workers to act hurriedly due to a misapprehension of the statute of limitations. This sometimes leads injured individuals to attempt to pursue the costliest therapies possible, including surgery, on a just-in-case basis.

We find that the long-term effects of this attitude are disastrous, not only for the companies who see insurance costs skyrocket from major claims, but also for the injured people. This is especially true when we deal with back injuries. Even the most debilitating acute effects of disc problems often become manageable over the course of a few months, but we still see impatience and suffering leading to the pursuit of expensive tests and surgical procedures.

When it comes to chronic pain, back injuries and other problems that accumulate and complicate over time, we completely understand how a high-cost quick-fix solution might seem an attractive prospect to an injured worker. However, the medical professionals with whom we partner during workers’ compensation investigations often find that the greatest benefit often comes from relatively inexpensive alternatives, such as occupational therapy, adequate rest and a planned re-introduction to lighter employment.

We believe that while injured individuals deserve compassion, companies should not have to suffer from hasty claims made under stressful physical conditions. Our clients often want to protect their businesses and re-integrate injured workers into their companies: Many have invested significantly in employee training and education. However, we are always prepared for litigation if injured individuals remain unconvinced of the benefits of a settlement. Please read more on our site.