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Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

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You’ve toiled to create your intellectual property — your invention, brand, service mark or work of art. Unfortunately, there are those who will fail to respect your efforts and your legal rights in that intellectual property.

When your intellectual property rights are in dispute or being infringed upon, you can talk to an experienced IP litigation attorney at Weiner Law Group LLP. We make it our business to come to the aid of New Jersey’s private citizens and businesses whenever they need help defending their IP rights. Our team of attorneys cares about providing you with the tenacious representation you’ll require to preserve what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Enforcing Your Intellectual Property Rights

Whether you’ve executed a creative artistic work, invented a new industrial process or designed a service mark that represents your brand, you’re entitled to decide how it’s disposed of and used. When other parties attempt to leverage it for profit, you lose out, and their actions may even compromise your future business plans. It’s vital that you understand:

  • When to file for patent, trademark or copyright protection
  • What kinds of agreements you need to transfer IP without compromising your rights
  • How to respond to intellectual property infringement

It’s not always clear which IP actions you should take or how they might affect your rights. The attorneys at Weiner Law Group LLP seek to remedy this all-too-common state of confusion. By educating you about the ramifications of different legal choices, we’re protecting your rights so that you can do great things with your work.

IP Law Is A Tool. Shouldn’t You Learn To Use It?

Many of the challenges common to safeguarding intellectual property are avoidable. By structuring your filings and licensing agreements carefully, you may be able to strengthen the protections that you enjoy. You also stand to lessen the risk associated with using your IP for business purposes and therefore increase its profitability.

Consulting with a Weiner Law Group LLP lawyer is the first step. We’ve dedicated ourselves to solving tough intellectual property challenges so that you can focus on benefiting from what you’ve created instead of dealing with the legal minutiae.

Find out how we might be able to help you by filling out our online contact form. Or call our office in Parsippany at 973-403-1100 for immediate assistance. We are dedicated to your cause — and will go above and beyond to get you what you deserve.