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Supporting Educational Institutions Through Legal Advocacy

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School boards hold a critical place in modern America. By promoting consensus-driven goals for school districts, they help guide the future of not only students but society as a whole. Their ability to manage their affairs responsibly is irrevocably tied to how well they leverage their legal standing.

Weiner Law Group LLP helps boards of education across New Jersey as they seek to shape vital dialogs on learning. We firmly believe in the importance of helping school boards use education law to better serve the state’s future and their families.

How Can We Help Your Board Of Education?

School boards do far more than hold meetings and decide on calendar events. From determining which educational philosophies local schools should follow to approving curricula and identifying ways to aid needy students, they accomplish diverse tasks with important ramifications. Talking to an experienced education law attorney may help you:

  • Prepare legally valid documents and contracts,
  • Negotiate amicably with employee unions,
  • Draft and conduct beneficial real estate transactions,
  • Respond to litigation that could potentially sap funding
  • Institute governance practices and bylaws

Our attorneys will attend your school board meetings, help committees review and prepare official documentation, and mediate critical labor disputes. We’re proud to give back to our community by improving the way New Jersey learns.

Let Us Empower You To Deliver Superior Education

School board matters require an intimate conversance with education law. These affairs can touch upon diverse subjects ranging from financial disclosures and collective bargaining agreements to leasing contracts and civil rights protections. As such, it’s essential to work with an attorney who understands how to protect you and the communities you strive to educate.

At Weiner Law Group LLP, we make it our business to handle the legal subtleties of running an efficient board of education. Ask one of our lawyers how we can help you promote better teaching practices in your district. Call our office in Parsippany at 973-403-1100 for an immediate consultation, or email us your questions online.