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Protecting Your Right To Do Business As You See Fit

WEINER LAWAbout UsCorporate and Business Law

When corporations and businesses go to court, their reputations aren’t the only things that suffer. Failing to anticipate litigation or perform contracts correctly might compromise essential revenue streams and make it infinitely harder to finalize transactions like mergers. Could talking to an attorney improve your organizational stance?

Weiner Law Group LLP is dedicated to serving entrepreneurs, medium-sized enterprises and multinational conglomerates that want to further establish themselves in New Jersey. Our savvy, business-minded attorneys have been honing their corporate law skills since 1988, all in service of helping the greater New Jersey and New York area’s business communities grow. Today, we’re fully prepared to help you ensure that your business activities are founded on sound legal advisement.

Counsel Grounded In Business Law

Modern companies need to engage in many different activities to survive and grow. In addition to potentially facing lawsuits, your enterprise might find it necessary to:

  • Participate in mergers, buyouts or acquisitions
  • Dissolve a business or corporate entity
  • Negotiate and prepare complex contractual agreements
  • Enforce prior contracts or pursue litigation for breaches
  • Acquiesce to regulatory, compliance and tax burdens
  • Defend or enforce intellectual property rights

The lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP look forward to helping you protect and preserve your interests as well as those of your shareholders and partners. By providing comprehensive legal advisement in addition to unfailing representation, we make it easier to choose business pursuits that support your successful expansion. We go above and beyond in our practice of law, so you can do the same in your business pursuits.

Corporate Law Can Be Challenging. Give Your Business The Benefit Of Legal Knowledge.

Leveraging business law demands a forward-thinking approach. Expensive business litigation isn’t necessarily the best option. Supporting your deals and endeavors with superior planning and structuring could be all it takes to make the most of your resources and operate within the confines of the law.

For more information, contact us online or call our office in Parsippany at 973-403-1100 to talk to a corporate law attorney at Weiner Law Group LLP today. We’ll attend to the legal minutiae. You focus on making the decisions that let your business grow.