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In Need of a Civil Litigation Defense after a Car Accident?

WEINER LAWInsightsCivil Litigation DefenseIn Need of a Civil Litigation Defense after a Car Accident?

Civil Litigation Defense Wednesday, September 2, 2020

You were in a car accident in New Jersey and the whole thing left you in a daze, which is completely normal. Thankfully you were okay, but the other driver was injured pretty badly. A little time passes, things seem to be getting back to normal, then you are hit with a lawsuit and find yourself in need of a civil litigation defense.

While there are times when negligence contributes to auto collisions, there are also instances when accidents really are just that — accidents. Fault will still be determined following investigations by law enforcement officers and insurance providers. This is so that those involved can file any necessary insurance claims in order to seek some relief for their losses. There are those individuals who will want more than what insurance may offer, potentially placing your hard-earned assets at risk.

Fighting a personal injury claim that has been filed against you can be a challenge. The plaintiff’s legal team will be doing everything in their power to show that you should be fully responsible for their client’s suffering. Thankfully, you do not have to fight such a battle alone. To learn how an experienced attorney can help you defend yourself, please visit our firm’s website.

A lot goes into litigating personal injury claims, whether they are filed in New Jersey or elsewhere. Sometimes going to court is necessary and sometimes things can be settled out of court. With a civil litigation defense team on your side, you can do all that is necessary to fight your case and achieve the best outcome possible.