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Morris County Divorce Lawyer Discusses How to Get Along With Your Ex-Spouse During the Holidays

WEINER LAWInsightsDivorceMorris County Divorce Lawyer Discusses How to Get Along With Your Ex-Spouse During the Holidays

Divorce Friday, July 21, 2017

Understanding how to get along with your ex-spouse during the holidays is imperative

Divorce is a difficult process that has an impact not only the proceedings as they occur, but also down the road after a divorce is finalized. Many recognize the benefit of avoiding negative behavior that may lead to years of emotional warfare and bitterness during and after a divorce. Such a realization can provide positive impacts on your well being and your relationships with others.

Holidays and Divorce

Holidays are a unique time when family and friends gather in celebration together. However, holidays can often be a difficult time for couples going through a divorce, leading to additional stress. Below are some tips that can help you through the divorce process, especially during the holiday season.

Have Some Alone Time

  • Start by making a little time for yourself to digest everything taking place at the present moment in your life. This can be accomplished by escaping to setting you consider peaceful. Breaking away from the pressures of society and family can help you remember what makes you

Set a Parenting Schedule

  • If you have children, set a schedule before the holidays arrive. By establishing a schedule that you and your spouse agree to before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you can reduce pressure and maintain peace. Write the schedule out and include details such as who will pick up the children, at what time, and where.

Create New Holiday Traditions

  • Holiday traditions can play an important role in a child’s life. Though you may have had certain traditions with your former spouse, that does not put an end to what is possible post-divorce. Find out what your children love to do and explore the possibilities of making new traditions with them going forward. This will help your children think less about the divorce; instead, they will be invigorated with a new excitement about the holidays, giving them something to look forward to.

In some cases, divorced couples have found the courage to maintain holiday traditions, such as decorating a Christmas tree with their children, opening gifts, and even sharing a holiday meal together. Divorce experts are also noticing that the mentality of former spouses finding ways to get along is spreading, sometimes even beyond the holidays. One clinical psychologist’s take on the issue is that, in American culture, there is a belief that former spouses cannot be friends. Nonetheless, her observations have revealed that more divorced couples are trying to get along for one primary reason: their children’s well-being.

Maintaining a positive outlook during the holiday season while juggling the complexities of divorce, or even life after divorce, can be a challenge. Sometimes there are differences that make it very difficult for former couples to move on and work together. This can result from one or both spouses being abusive, having substance abuse issues, or other problems. Some situations can also be frustrated by a new spouse’s or partner’s dislike of a former spouse.

The Family Law Attorneys at Weiner Law Group Can Help Guide You During the Holiday Season

Finding ways to achieve a peaceful existence with your former spouse and children can lead to less stress and a more relaxed environment in advance of and during the holiday season. If you are considering divorce, are currently in the process, or have been divorced for some time, and would like to learn more about ways an attorney can help you get along with your spouse during the holidays, feel free to contact one of our Family Law Attorneys today by calling (973) 403-1100 or contact us online. At Weiner Law Group, we put our clients first, and work tirelessly to ensure the best possible results for them.