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Navigating New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Law

WEINER LAWInsightscommercial real estate lawNavigating New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Law
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Commercial Real Estate Investing NJ

“If you build it, they will come.” Perhaps no one takes this popular catchphrase to heart more than commercial real estate developers, who’ve got the vision, drive and determination to create innovative spaces for commerce and industry to thrive.

In New Jersey, as in many other states, commercial real estate brings with it a host of legal complexities that can be daunting. That’s why seeking counsel from the experienced real estate attorneys at Weiner Law Group will help pave the way when dealing with common legal scenarios such as:

Zoning and Land Use: Before your team starts digging (literally), do some digging of your own — in the form of due diligence — before closing a deal.  Unforeseen zoning issues can often be lurking, which can quickly derail your project. Weiner Law Group’s real estate attorneys can help ensure your property can be used the way you intend, obtain local permits for your business or any new construction, and handle other zoning issues on your behalf.

Assumption of Liability: Before you buy a property, many due diligence steps are necessary to ensure that you don’t assume liabilities the prior owner may have had, such as a preexisting environmental hazard, unseen property damage, faulty wiring and more. Hidden liabilities on a property wind up costing you time, money and effort to sort out. But with a properly structured purchase agreement, those liabilities can be shifted back to the previous owner.

Financing: Commercial real estate transactions are intricate and complex. One wrong move can result in significant costly consequences. Matters relating to repayment terms, collateral and security are just the start of a host of financial issues that must be successfully addressed and resolved.

Title Issues: This is one of the most important aspects of any commercial real estate transaction, and New Jersey title law is complex. Commercial real estate developers must obtain a “clean title” to the property — that is, with no other claims to the ownership of the property other than the seller.

Weiner Law Group: Setting a solid foundation for your development projects

As commercial real estate development is ever-changing and regulated by local, state, and federal laws, having the experienced team of attorneys at Weiner Law Group by your side can help keep your project on point with legal requirements and on schedule with your contractors. Count on us to guide you with your next development project, as our primary and local counsel business approach covers a broad spectrum of real estate matters. To schedule a consultation, call us at 866-899-1138 or contact us online.