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Weiner Law Group’s Attorneys will be Presenting at NJSBA Workshop

WEINER LAWInsightsUncategorizedWeiner Law Group’s Attorneys will be Presenting at NJSBA Workshop

Uncategorized Friday, October 12, 2018

We look forward to seeing you in Atlantic City October 23-25! Visit us at Booth 608

Weiner Law Group LLP’s Group Sessions

#TimesUp for Boundary Training

Tuesday, October 23 1-2:00 PM

Partners Stefani C Schwartz, Esq. and Stephen M. Bacigalupo, II, Esq. will spend an hour training you on invisible, personal, professional and protective limits and guidelines which your staff members should create to foster healthy relationships and protect the Board from any allegations of misconduct.

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Boards Gone Wild, With a Twist

Wednesday, October 24 9:30-10:30 AM

Boards Gone Wild is back, but this time with a new twist! Partners Paul Kalac, Esq. and Mark Tabakin, Esq. team up to present to you all the “worst case scenarios” of Board meetings across the country. Spend an hour learning what NOT to do in every possible situation.

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Weiner Law Group’s Learning Labs

JANUS and You, Perfect Together?

Tuesday, October 23 10-10:30 AM

2018 has brought the New Jersey Equal Pay Law, the Paid Sick Leave Law and the Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act along with the United States Supreme Court’s decision on Janus. They require school Boards to examine their existing policies and practices and make necessary changes to comply with those laws. How do these laws and rulings apply to you? Kathy Hatfield, Esq. and Allan Dzwilewski, Esq. will give you a 30 minute overview of their impact.
This session has been approved for 1 QPA credit in the area of Office Admin/General Duties.

pckandmm.jpg Business as Usual for Special Education

Tuesday October 23, 1-1:30 PM

In 2018, Special Education litigation has been streamlined for the quick resolution of disputes with the appointment of additional judges. How have these new administrative law judges changed “business as usual” methods of litigation? Partners Paul Kalac, Esq., and Maggie Miller, Esq. will spend 30 minutes focusing on re-strategizing your legal approach as well as discussing more changes coming down the pipeline.

Courts, Cases, and Controversies

Wednesday October 24, 12:45- 2:00 PM

This legal program, presented in a school board meeting format, will present several controversial issues likely to come before your board in the coming school year. You will certainly want to attend this session to be better prepared. Some of the best legal minds in the state will role-play critical issues in an informative and engaging format on the main stage. Bring your school law questions to the professionals!

Weiner Law Group’s Legal Clinic

What Does your Board Attorney Do?

Wednesday October 24, 12:45- 2:00 PM

In these fast-paced times, the board attorney’s role is ever more critical to boards of education. Making the right legal decisions requires asking the right legal questions and understanding the answers. Lawrence Schwartz, Esq., Mark Tabakin, Esq. and Stephen Edelstein, Esq. will focus on how to best utilize the services of your board attorney and understand the attorney’s role in both mundane and controversial school district issues. Join us for two breakout sessions following the Mock Board presentation.