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Bruno Brunini named one of the Top 50 New Jersey Attorneys for 2022

WEINER LAWInsightsBlogBruno Brunini named one of the Top 50 New Jersey Attorneys for 2022

Bruno Brunini

Weiner Law Group LLP is proud to announce that Bruno Brunini, partner at Weiner Law Group, has been named one of the Top 50 Attorneys of New Jersey for 2022 by Attorney Intel.

Bruno K. Brunini is a Litigation Attorney who is well versed in business analysis and strategy. He has saved hundreds of millions dollars for his clients through negotiations and settlements while handling more than 10,000 cases in litigation and litigation management throughout more than 20 years as litigation counsel.

Learn more about Bruno including contact information:  www.weiner.law/attorney/bruno-k-brunini/

Bruno K. Brunini

Attorney Intel provides news and information on notable law firms and the broader legal industry. The site is run by a seasoned team of editors, writers, and media professionals knowledgeable on the various firms and attorneys that make up the legal sector.

To view the full list of awardees, go to: https://attorneyintel.com/the-top-50-attorneys-of-new-jersey-for-2022/