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Business Litigation Defense: Fighting Breach of Contract Claims

WEINER LAWInsightsBusiness Litigation DefenseBusiness Litigation Defense: Fighting Breach of Contract Claims

Business Litigation Defense Corporate Litigation Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Breach of Contract

Contracts; businesses in New Jersey and everywhere depend on them for security and success. What happens though if one is accused of not holding up his or her end of a business contract? Those facing such accusations can turn to a business litigation defense attorney for assistance.

When one is faced with breach of contract allegations, it means that one or more parties believe that there has been a failure to live up to the agreements made in a signed contract. Such accusations can come from a partner, supplier, employee or even a customer. In order to pursue a breach of contract claim, the plaintiff must:

  • Show that the contract was valid
  • Give evidence of a breach
  • Show that he or she lived up to his or her end of the contract
  • Notify the defendant of the believed breach — preferably in writing

Defending oneself in a breach of contract case may not be easy if the plaintiff can provide all of this information. However, this does not mean it is completely impossible. There are a number of defense options that may work in one’s favor. These include:

  • Claiming fraud
  • Claiming the contract was signed under duress
  • Claiming the contract was a mistake for both parties
  • Claiming that the statute of limitations has run out

Breach of contract claims can be settled in a number of ways with the help of a business litigation defense lawyer. It may be possible for a remedy to be sought through negotiations. This will keep the matter out of the New Jersey court system. If, however, alternative dispute resolution methods fail, then litigation may be necessary.

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