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Can a Divorcing Couple Still Live Together?

WEINER LAWInsightsDivorceCan a Divorcing Couple Still Live Together?

Divorce Thursday, July 20, 2017

Clients often ask me about living in the same home during the process. When people ask me about sharing their houses during the divorce process my response is always that’s fantastic. You don’t have the extra household expenses of an individual living away. It also tells me that there may be some ability to communicate with your soon-to-be ex, even though you’re in that environment.

Now candidly, some people will never be able to stay in the same home. Often times there’s issues of domestic violence, harassment, abuse, and this process just ratchets up all the emotions.

If you can stay in the same residence together, but under agreement with the lawyers. For example, he or she takes the basement apartment. If it’s only a two-bedroom apartment, one goes in one room, one goes in another room. I’ve had clients over the years sleep on air mattresses, sleep in the little kids’ rooms, they’ll put a mattress on the floor, whatever they have to do. It’s dependent on the money and you have to be smart about it. The bottom line though is if you can’t live with the person, don’t try and live with the person during the process.

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