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Divorce experts optimistic about the future

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Divorce Thursday, September 7, 2017

You may be facing an upheaval of Titanic proportions. You thought you had everything figured out, but then reality started to creep into your life. Your marriage isn’t working, and now you are looking at divorce.

Two divorce experts have teamed up for people just like you, and they are sharing some of their advice in a new book. In a recent news article, they give a few excerpts of their sage advice. The overarching theme is stay positive, change is good, and you never know what blessings lay ahead!

A bit about divorce

The experts agree, divorce is not always pretty. It looks different for everyone, but most people have a sense of sadness associated with the way things worked out. Even if you initiated the divorce, it can be overwhelming to cope with the new normal. But you don’t have to fear the new normal.

Money matters

The women also share some advice about finances before, during and after the breakup. Some concepts are basic practical tips, like setting an alert on shared bank accounts for any transaction over $500. This way, you will be in the know if your soon-to-be ex starts shifting funds around. They gently remind individuals that a lawyer’s billable hours can include emails and phone calls to prevent confusion about fees. The experts also remind you that there are several types of divorce, from the affordable do-it-yourself versions to the pricier litigation model, as well as a few in-between. And even though your financial picture looks shaky now, they say, give it time, and things will get better.

Frame of Mind

These two women know how to keep it positive. People are reminded to take good care of themselves. It can be tempting to give in and stay in bed eating ice cream, but you know you always feel better when you treat your body right. Rally your friends and family for moral support, and know that it will all eventually come into focus. You just have to give it time.

Keeping a positive frame of mind can be the key to keeping it together throughout a divorce. As you plan for the end of the marriage, there is no need to go it alone. Professionals can help. For more specific questions about the legal aspects of divorce, a lawyer can be a potential guide.