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Divorce or annulment, a family law attorney can help with either

WEINER LAWInsightsFamily LawDivorce or annulment, a family law attorney can help with either

Family Law Thursday, September 14, 2017

Marriages end for a number of reasons. For every couple, the reason is their own. However, why a marriage fails to thrive can be the determining factor in whether one needs to seek a divorce or an annulment. Whichever is appropriate, a family law attorney can assist those in New Jersey who are looking to end their marriages get through the process.

How are an annulment and a divorce different? When one seeks an annulment, it means that he or she wants a court to rule that the marriage basically never happened. A divorce, on the other hand, is all about ending the marriage and dividing assets. In order to seek an annulment, it means that at least one of four conditions existed in the marriage, these conditions are bigamy, fraud, insanity or force.

Annulment requests are only handled in court. This type of trial can be challenging to get through and can take time. For some, it is worth it for personal or religious reasons. For others, the need to maintain privacy is a reason to go through the divorce process instead. Most divorces are handled through out-of-court negotiations of some sort, which keeps the details of the final agreement from becoming public knowledge.

There are positives and negatives to both the divorce and annulment processes. At the end of the day, one simply has to weigh which best benefits — and applies to — his or her specific situation. New Jersey residents who have questions about either of these marriage dissolution options can seek assistance from an experienced family law attorney.

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