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Engage and Inspire with Partner Douglas Zucker at the 2019 NJLA Annual Conference

WEINER LAWInsightsUncategorizedEngage and Inspire with Partner Douglas Zucker at the 2019 NJLA Annual Conference
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Uncategorized Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Partner Douglas S. Zucker, Esq. has been invited to present at the 2019 New Jersey Library Association Annual Conference at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City, NJ on May 29-31. Join him as he presents two sessions on Thursday, May 30, 2019. The first session, “Building a Foundation for Long-Term Library Funding” will focus on options libraries have for private fund raising to supplement budgets. He will explain library foundations, what they are, how they operate, what’s involved in setting up a foundation, the difference between Friends groups and foundation and why libraries opt to have both, as well as issues associated with naming aspects of a library in exchange for generous donations.


Spend your afternoon hour with Douglas as he presents “Sex Between the Stacks: Enhancing Sensitivity and Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Among Library Staff and Visitors.” This hour will help familiarize how your library can work to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault of and by staff and visitors. The program will include examples and suggestions for sensitivity training and prevention for library staff, profile what traits are common among harassers and sexual assault perpetrators, and review libraries’ legal rights and obligations in preventing sexual harassment and assault and protecting their employees and visitors. The programs will be interactive, engaging and entertaining.

Douglas Zucker, Esq., a Partner at Weiner Law Group LLP., has been representing public libraries throughout most of his career. He has gained insight into the unique issues libraries encounter, such as scheduling for day time and evenings on seven (7) day weeks, protecting the confidentiality of patron records, managing the competing needs of professional and paraprofessional staff members, and balancing First Amendment rights and community standards concerns, as well as funding issues. This experience also permits Douglas to balance the sometimes delicate relationships between a library administration and Board of Trustees on the one hand, and the library’s Friends organization, or its non-profit foundation, or the local governing body, on the other hand.

To register or to get more information click here.

The NJLA was established in 1890 and is the oldest and largest library organization in New Jersey. The NJLA:

  • Advocates for the advancement of library services for the residents of New Jersey
  • Provides continuing education and networking opportunities for librarians
  • Supports the principles of intellectual freedom and promotes access to library materials for all