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How to Effectively Co-Parent With an Ex

WEINER LAWInsightsFamily LawHow to Effectively Co-Parent With an Ex

Family Law Monday, June 25, 2018

Divorce is rarely easy for couples in New Jersey. When kids are in the mix it can be even more difficult, especially when it comes to making decisions jointly. TheBump.com offers the following co-parenting tips, which will allow to rear your children in a loving and responsible manner, even if you and your ex aren’t on the greatest terms.

Honor Your Kids’ Opinions

Once your children reach a certain age their opinions should be considered when making decisions. For instance, if there is a scheduling conflict ask your kids which parent they would prefer to spend time with. As long as time is shared equally, kids should be given some autonomy in terms of events and special occasions. If your kids do choose to spend time with your ex try to remain upbeat and look forward to the quality time you’ll spend with them.

Don’t Speak Poorly of Your Ex

Regardless of your feelings for your ex, your kids love their parent unconditionally. That means any negative things they hear from you could be internalized. It can also make them feel as though they need to pick sides, which will lead to even more animosity. Keep your thoughts to yourself when your kids are around and address any grievances you have with your former spouse to yourself.

Stay Positive

Keeping a positive perspective is good advice in general, but it’s particularly pertinent when it comes to divorce. Feelings of loss and even failure are common after a divorce. However, it’s best to look beyond the immediate and have some hope for the future. Your children are what matters most now and you’ll be a better parent if you can retain some positivity.