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New Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses Moving Out and Moving Back

WEINER LAWInsightsDivorceNew Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses Moving Out and Moving Back

Divorce Friday, July 21, 2017

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, if someone asks me about a spouse who moves out and they want to move back in, my first reaction is going to be, “Why?” Why’d they move out? Why are they moving back in? A lot of times, I know spouses will just be heated and leave, and they’ll come meet with me, and I’ll say to them, “Get back in the house.” Why? Because if you’re not in the house, you have to pay for another place to live, you have to pay another cable bill potentially, and it could be costly. Now, if you have the wherewithal financially to do that, and it’s the best situation for the family to go through this process, great, don’t go back; stay out.

That doesn’t mean you give up your obligations to the place you left. Even though you left and you’re paying somewhere else, you can’t say, “Well, when I lived in the house, it cost me $5.00, but I moved out, so now it’s costing me $2.000, so I can only pay you $3.000.” You’ve got to pay first from your house, then we’ll figure out where you go. People always say to me, “Don’t I have the right to be happy and live on my own and have my own place?” No, you don’t, not if you’re living together and you have a status quo, and you have a family and life that you’ve been supporting. You have those obligations to continue even though you don’t want to.

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