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New Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses Prenuptial Agreements

WEINER LAWInsightsDivorceNew Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses Prenuptial Agreements

Divorce Friday, July 21, 2017

As an accomplished New Jersey Divorce Attorney, clients often ask me about prenuptial agreements. The important thing on prenups is identifying financial disclosure. In New Jersey, a prenup is governed by a statute and our legislature says you can do a prenup for basically anything. Except for an unconscionable prenup, which is when a spouse makes another spouse sign a document and doesn’t give any financial disclosure. The other spouse doesn’t even know what the one spouse has or tries to get you to sign the prenuptial a week before the marriage and with no lawyers involved.

You need lawyers to do a prenup. If you’re not going to get a lawyer, you will have to sign a piece of paper that says, “I do not want to review this with a lawyer.” One thing that nobody can get around is financial disclosure it’s the most important thing. You’re always going to have one spouse that has money and one spouse that doesn’t when you do a prenup. The spouse that has the money should give a complete disclosure. Make sure they show on the prenuptial agreement the bank statements, put all the assets, list evaluations, etc. and really be informed over what you’re giving up.

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