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New Jersey Divorce Attorney Explains the Next Step After Being Served Divorce Papers

WEINER LAWInsightsNew Jersey Divorce Attorney Explains the Next Step After Being Served Divorce Papers
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Divorce Wednesday, July 19, 2017

As a skilled New Jersey Divorce Attorney, clients often ask me about what to do after being served with divorce papers. If you’ve served divorce papers, the first thing that you have to do is get an attorney. I don’t suggest that people represent themselves in moving forward. The only problem is money and sometimes there are people who don’t have enough funds to retain the service of an attorney. I’d say look into legal services in your area, and try to obtain an attorney that way.

Once you have identified an attorney that you want to choose, you’re going to go meet with that person. The attorneys will meet right away, and that’s basically it. It’s surprising though that you would get a complaint for divorce served on you without knowing that it’s coming.

Have you recently been served with divorce papers and are unsure what the next step is? Contact our experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney for more information.

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