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New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Discusses Choosing an Attorney

WEINER LAWInsightsDivorceNew Jersey Divorce Lawyer Discusses Choosing an Attorney

Divorce Friday, July 21, 2017

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, clients often ask me about what is important to know choosing an attorney. When you’re choosing a divorce attorney, the first thing I think you have to feel with that individual is a connection. You have to trust that person. You’re giving that individual your private personal information and you’re paying that person a lot of money to keep secrets of you and your family. If you don’t have that proper connection what happens is sometimes the client dictates the lawyer and that’s not good. Sometimes the lawyer dictates the client and that’s not good. There has to be this sort of co-working and comingling of ideas and concepts. I like to say the people you’re the President of the United States of America and I’m the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It’s a good example because it shows the importance of both positions, with the president making the ultimate decision.

You make the decision, but not without advice and facts and data from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In our democratic society, that individual is the highest military acting official and that person has the wherewithal and the understanding to know what’s required to move into a military situation. Not to make the analogy of a military situation with all divorces, but some are just like that.

You have to have an action plan and be able to get in and out of the process. The main thing you have to do is be able to work with the person who is giving you advice. If you don’t like that person, it’s not going to work. Don’t kid yourself if you think you’re getting your lawyer because you think are the bull or the shark, that’s not going to help you or help to settle your case. If you’re so twisted and you’re so venom filled and you want to throw so many darts, you’re not going to be my client first of all. There are a hundred lawyers who will take all your money.

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