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New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Discusses Cohabitation Support

WEINER LAWInsightsDivorceNew Jersey Divorce Lawyer Discusses Cohabitation Support

Divorce Thursday, July 20, 2017

As a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, I am often asked by clients about cohabitation support. When someone asks me about their spouse living with somebody, or having a boyfriend and still paying alimony, the term is called cohabitation. So if your ex-spouse is living and found to have been cohabitating with an individual, the court has the right to either suspend or terminate their support obligation.

There are 7 factors that the court needs to see, in order to come up with a decision to suspend or terminate the alimony you’re paying. The one factor that I always talk about is the most known factor, the recognition of the relationship in social circles. This means anything through social media that can prove these folks are in a relationship.

So does this mean you since you’re receiving alimony that have a relationship with someone and start over? No you definitely can but there is a little grey area when your receiving money support. If you are sharing bank receipts with an individual, and having them come over and act like a husband or wife, then there’s going to be some arguments that your spouse will make against to terminate and/or suspend the alimony.

Do you think your spouse is cohabitating with another significant other and is still receiving alimony? Contact our experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyers.

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