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Tips on Preparing for Your Custody Hearing

WEINER LAWInsightsFamily LawTips on Preparing for Your Custody Hearing

Family Law Monday, August 6, 2018

If you’re facing a child custody hearing in New Jersey, you know that being properly prepared is crucial. This is especially true when you’re applying for sole custody, which entails showing the court that you’re the better parent. VeryWellFamily.com offers the following advice in this case, and by following these guidelines you can rest assured that your voice will be heard.

Bring Documents to Establish Your Case

The right documents can serve as evidence that your ex isn’t suited to having custody. For instance, if he or she shows a lack of interest in your child’s life, things like phone and visitation logs can show that duration of time spent together isn’t sufficient. You can also bring proof of child support payments or even text and email messages (just be sure to check with your lawyer first as to whether these items are admissible).

Dress the Part

You also want to show up for court looking presentable. This usually entails wearing business casual attire (similar to what you would wear to a job interview). Sloppy or inappropriate clothing will give a poor impression to the judge and make you look irresponsible as a result. While there are more important things than what you wear, making a good first impression can go a long way.

Know What to Expect

Be aware that your case will be presented to a judge alone, and he or she will use the facts of your case as well as pertinent state laws when making a decision. Additionally, you should also know that custody cases are rarely confrontational. To this end, refrain from speaking harshly to your ex and focus on presenting the right evidence to prove you are better suited to sole custody.