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Update: NJ Moves Land Use Permit Requests Online

WEINER LAWInsightsLand Use & Zoning DefenseUpdate: NJ Moves Land Use Permit Requests Online

Land Use & Zoning Defense Thursday, May 9, 2019

Technological innovations impact every aspect of life — including business needs. Business leaders have used technology to build and grow their enterprises, helping with everything from basic business operations to product development and marketing needs.

In addition to making the most of these advances, business leaders must also adjust for changes in technology from other sources that directly impact their business.

What do business leaders in New Jersey need to know? Those who are in the land development industry should note the state is changing how it processes permit applications.

New Jersey State’s Department of Environmental Protection recently released a new system that allows applicants to request a land use permit online. The system, released May 1, 2019, allows applicants to file online requests for Coastal General Permits, Coastal Wetlands and Waterfront Development Individual Permits, Meadowlands District Water Quality Certificates, Flood Hazard General Permits, Individual Permits and associated Flood Hazard Verifications as well as Freshwater Wetlands General Permits, Individual Permits and Transition Area Waivers.

The agency encourages applicants to keep record of their File Number and Activity Number when using this service. These numbers will be needed in the event the applicant needs to make revisions or provide additional documentation to support the request.

recent publication in the National Law Review states the NJDEP ultimate goal is to sunset the old process and make the online system mandatory in 2020.

What does this mean for developers in NJ? The change is an example of the evolving nature of this area of the law. Developers and others can benefit from legal counsel experienced with this niche area of the law to better ensure their projects account for these and any other changes that could impact their plans.