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What Should You Know About Environmental Law Compliance?

WEINER LAWInsightsEnvironmental LawWhat Should You Know About Environmental Law Compliance?

A component of Phase One of the New Jersey Reopening Process is resumption of nonessential construction. As this ramps up, business owners who are running into issues with environmental law may want the opinion of legal experts. Weiner Law Group LLP is here to help you determine which laws and statutes apply to you and your business, and how to comply with them.

New Jersey Land Use Law

First, it can be tough to determine which laws apply to you in the first place. Certain laws will apply more to some businesses than others. For example, if your business will not produce a lot of air pollution or waste, then you may not have to worry as much about the statutes involving fresh water or air pollution limitations. However, if your business may impact nearby wetlands or protected nature, you will have to comply with the regulations related to those areas.

Some of the most common types of environmental laws will cover issues like:

  • Contaminated property
  • Air permitting and compliance
  • Industrial and hazardous wastes
  • Environmental impact
  • Wetlands regulations
  • Developments of new projects

In these situations, compliance with the law is of utmost importance. Breaking environmental statutes will not only get you into legal hot water, but it can also damage your reputation in the eyes of your consumer base. This is why having legal aid can be helpful, as a professional can help you determine which statutes to focus on, and how to stick to them.

Don’t let the complexities of environmental laws and statutes stop you from making your business dreams come true. Take a look at our resource page on zoning and land use for businesses, which can provide you information on all areas of land use laws, including environmental law compliance.