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Criminal Law

We're Here When Your Career Depends On A Strong White Collar Criminal Defense

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If you have been charged with corporate fraud, money laundering or any other so-called “white collar” crime, you need a lawyer who is willing to aggressively defend your rights. At Weiner Law Group LLP, providing the best possible white-collar criminal defense is one of our highest priorities — because your career, indeed your very livelihood, may depend on it.

Our clients’ success is our success and we always fight to give our clients the best possible defense whether they have been charged with securities fraud, embezzlement and other criminal matters in municipal, state and federal courts.

What Is White Collar Crime?

White-collar crime is defined as a nonviolent, financially motivated crime that occurs within a business or governmental organization. Examples of white-collar crime include:

  • Tax evasion
  • Securities fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Bribery

Being charged with one of these crimes is a serious matter, and you should certainly seek professional counsel from experienced litigators if you have been charged with a white-collar crime. At Weiner Law Group LLP, we always fight to prove our client’s innocence and work tirelessly for the best possible outcome.

Get The Defense You Deserve

At Weiner Law Group LLP, in addition to representing clients accused of white-collar offenses, we also represent clients who have been charged in municipal court with driving-related offenses (such as driving under the influence (DUI)), theft, shoplifting, assault, harassment, and domestic violence. We are also skilled at representing clients indicted for offenses such as homicide, theft, aggravated assault, drug charges, conspiracy, arson, kidnapping, sexual assault, forgery, and official misconduct.

Being charged with a crime doesn’t have to ruin your life. With an excellent defense from the Weiner Law Group LLP, we work hard to help you put the incident behind you. To learn more information about how the attorneys at Weiner Law Group LLP defend clients who have been charged with a criminal offense, contact us online or call our office in Parsippany, New Jersey, at 866-899-1138 for a free consolation.