When a divorce involves children, there is always the critical question of child support for both the custodial and noncustodial parent. There are a thousand questions and thoughts each parent may have: What expenses are covered under child support? Who will pay for the child care when I am at work? Will there be money for extracurricular activities?The New Jersey child support lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP have vast experience in child support cases and will provide the strength and support you need to achieve the best outcome for your child.

Support That Fits The Needs Of You And Your Child

At Weiner Law Group LLP, we help parents and children get the financial support they need. Our family law attorneys are dedicated to getting you the results you need. We can help you in a wide variety of situations, including those involving:

  • Child support for high-wage earners — Children deserve financial support from both parents. In cases involving high wage earners, there are additional factors that the court should consider in determining the appropriate amount of child support. The payment of private school tuition, extracurricular activities, child care providers and other extraordinary expenses are essential to considerations in the support calculation.
  • Modification of existing custody and child support orders — Circumstances often change after the entry of a child support order. Whether it is the involuntary loss of employment, a significant increase or decrease in salary, or special needs of the child, a court may modify an existing child support order.
  • Extracurricular activities and tuition — Parents often disagree about whether the child should attend public or private school, which extracurricular activities the child may participate in, and who should be responsible for the costs. If you are experiencing such an issue, our New Jersey child support lawyers can explain your legal options.
  • Emancipation — There are many life events that will result in the termination of your obligation to pay child support. Consult our knowledgeable child support lawyers to learn what these situations are.

Get Help When You Need It Most

The New Jersey child support lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP are dedicated to helping you and your child. When it comes to matters of your child, providing for them financially is a right and responsibility to both parties. At Weiner Law Group LLP, we can assist you in developing an appropriate level of support for your child.

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