We Are Ready for Anything

If you are facing a trial, a negotiation, or another type of legal transaction, you can talk to a New Jersey lawyer from our firm about your options and the most successful strategies for your situation.

We are not just vendors of legal services — we partner with our clients.

Strong Relationships And Effective Teamwork

At Weiner Law Group, LLP, our top-rated attorneys protect the interests of legal parties from all backgrounds. We have been in practice since 1988, and we know how to obtain the best outcome in any case. With our immense experience, strong attention to detail, and passion for meeting each client’s needs, we can make the legal process less intimidating for anyone. Contact us online or call us any time at 973-358-0519 to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Weiner Law Group

We Excel in Multiple Legal Fields

So, what sets our New Jersey law firm apart from the others? Our firm has received a distinguished AV rating, which speaks to our commitment to excellence in advocacy.

We also have decades of experience in a broad array of legal topics, putting us in the best position to develop strategies to cover all of your needs. Rarely does a legal case involve just one area of law. For example, a divorcing couple might have to discuss how they will manage and distribute shares of a small business, or a public entity might need advice on how to handle its workforce. We know how to pull from multiple areas of law to help make sure your legal issue is fully and most effectively resolved.

Why Choose Weiner Law Group

We Care

More important than our accolades and our decades of experience is the fact that we are passionate about doing all we can to help our clients. At Weiner Law, we strive to go the extra mile every time to make sure the individuals we represent get what they need. There is no case or client that is too big or too small for us. We hope that you will reach out to us online or by phone in your time of need.

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Real Client Testimonials

True partners in a years-long construction and consumer fraud litigation.

Their professionalism and attention to detail dramatically shifted the course of our case. It seems strange to say "its been a pleasure" or "I've enjoyed working with" when speaking about attorneys, but in this case, its absolutely true. I can't imagine any team being more thorough, more prepared, or more personally vested in their clients than Weiner Law Group.

Corey K.

Experience in a range of areas

I referred them to a colleague in NJ three years ago. They've lived up to their reputation and have become her exclusive firm because they have experience in a range of areas she needed - corporate, real estate and employment law.

David H.

Ultimately kept me out of prison.

I would strongly recommend Arthur to anybody that would (unfortunately) require his services, especially if the case is to be tried in Somerset county. Arthur knows all the right people in Somerset! Additionally Arthur is personable, affable, approachable and all around nice guy. I wish I had met him under different circumstances.

John P.

I highly recommend Weiner Law Firm.

Mr. Gerst is the best attorney with stellar professionalism. Thank you for standing by us during a difficult time. I highly recommend Weiner Law Firm.

Victoria S.