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Family Law

Dedicated To Upholding Grandparents' Rights

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As a grandparent, it’s only natural that you want to maintain strong family ties. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always make it easy.

Whether you’re seeking visitation rights or full child custody, the family law attorneys atWeiner Law Group LLP are devoted to ensuring that the judicial system works on your family’s behalf. We take a personal interest in seeing your case reach a favorable outcome.

Could A Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer Help You?

The state of New Jersey has had grandparent visitation statutes on its books since the 1970s. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll automatically benefit from legal protections. You may have to fight to establish that your visitation or custody request:

  • Is in the best interests of the child
  • Won’t unnecessarily disrupt existing time-sharing relationships, and
  • Reflects your prior relationship with your grandchild

It’s not always easy to prove that your visitation or custody appeal satisfies such criteria. Working with a Weiner Law Group LLP lawyer will make it easier for you to build a stronger argument and persuade a court that granting your application is the best thing for your family’s welfare.

Navigating The Nuances Of Family Law

Grandparents’ rights extend beyond mere visitation and custody petitions. If you end up raising a grandchild, you may be eligible for federal aid based on the fact that you’re raising a child other than your own. And depending on where the children reside, you might need to follow laws or procedures instituted by other states.

Your situation is unique, so your lawyer should take actions that suit your circumstances. With Weiner Law Group LLP, you can pursue visitation and child custody arrangements that serve the best interests of your minor relatives as you take confidence in the knowledge that we’re committed to finding solutions that fit.

For more information, call our office in Parsippany at 866-899-1138, or fill out our convenient contact form. We are dedicated to your cause — and go above and beyond to get you what you deserve.