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Family Law

Trusted Child Custody Attorneys

When it comes to child custody, developing an arrangement that is in the best interest of the child is of the utmost concern. New Jersey family law is gender neutral — mothers and fathers have equal rights to the care and custody of their child in most cases.

At Weiner Law Group LLP, our experienced New Jersey child custody lawyers diligently represent families in all aspects of custody and parenting time, including:

  • Establishing and modifying custody and parenting time arrangements
  • Cases involving parental alienation
  • Relocation cases where one parent seeks to leave the state of New Jersey with the child
  • Grandparent visitation cases
  • Enforcement of custody and parenting time orders
  • Decisions relating to private school and college

Providing You The Strength You Need

The skilled New Jersey child custody lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP will provide the strength you need during the difficult process of establishing custody or negotiating a parenting time plan that is in your child’s best interest. We will also help you with custody matters involving:

  • Relocation — Whether you would like to relocate outside of the state of New Jersey or even outside of the country with your child, or you would like to keep the other parent from removing your child from this state, the New Jersey child custody lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP can assist you in explaining and representing your legal rights.
  • Grandparent visitation rights — The bond between grandparent and grandchild can often be a significant one, in which case it may be in the child’s best interest for this relationship to be maintained. If you are confronted with a grandparent visitation issue, the New Jersey child custody lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP can help you understand your rights and advocate your position.
  • Modification of custody and/or parenting time — Circumstances may change after the entry of a child custody and/or parenting time order such that a re-evaluation of the arrangement is necessary. If you are seeking a modification to a custody and/or parenting time order, retaining our experienced New Jersey child custody lawyers to represent you is vital.

Go Above And Beyond For Your Children

We go above and beyond for our clients — so they can go above and beyond for their children. Make sure you get yourself and your children all that’s deserved — don’t entrust your future to a law firm that doesn’t have you best interests at heart.

Call Weiner Law Group LLP today at 866-899-1138 or contact us online to find out how we can help you.