Commercial litigation encompasses nearly every type of dispute that can arise in the course of conducting business. From breach of contract disputes to allegations of securities fraud, savvy commercial litigators must be able to quickly and accurately assess the situation and prepare a strategy that meets the client’s legal and business needs.At Weiner Law Group LLP, our commercial litigation department represents clients in all manner of corporate and general commercial matters. With over three decades of experience, we understand that efficiency, outside-the-box thinking and sound judgment are integral to achieving the best possible outcome at a reasonable cost. As a result, our highly skilled attorneys have an excellent track record of achieving favorable results and minimizing risk for our clients in civil litigation matters.

Protecting Your Interests

Our litigation teams works diligently to protect your business interests and legal rights. Our attorneys have deep experience in commercial litigation matters and will develop and implement a resourceful strategy for your particular situation and focus on the issues that are key to your success. We also have a great symbiosis with our other litigation teams and work seamlessly with them to find solutions for issues that fall outside the realm of commercial litigation.

Commercial litigation is an area distinguished by an unusually high-risk exposure for clients. Our lawyers have a strong background in helping clients with a variety of complex matters, including:

Keeping Your Costs In Check

While we prepare every case as if it were going to trial, we always keep an eye on the bottom line and don’t bill clients for work that doesn’t move the case forward. We also won’t take your case to trial just for the sake of doing so — we will always do what is best for your situation, whether that be trial, arbitration, mediation or some other form of dispute resolution. The long-term success of your business is what’s important.

Find out how Weiner Law Group LLP can help with your commercial litigation needs. Call our Parsippany, New Jersey, office at 866-899-1138 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We are personally committed to providing you the best legal representation possible — indeed, legal service that goes above and beyond.