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Public Library Law

Representing New Jersey's Public Libraries for Nearly Thirty Years

WEINER LAWPublic Library Law

Weiner Law Group LLP attorneys have been representing public libraries throughout New Jersey for nearly thirty years.  Under the leadership of Douglas S. Zucker, Esq., our attorneys have developed an understanding of the body of statutory and common law applicable to libraries, as well as the unique issues that arise.  Some of the library-specific areas we have addressed for our library clients include:

  • First Amendment Rights – Understanding and protecting patrons’ free speech rights and protecting those rights when threatened by inconsistent community standards
  • Confidentiality – Safeguarding the confidentiality of patron records and personal information
  • Funding – Understanding statutory funding and discretionary funding through the municipality or county, as well as private funding sources, including formation of a 501(c)(3) foundation to benefit the library.
  • Relationships – Navigating the relationships between a library administration and Board of Trustees on the one hand, and the local governing body, and/or the library’s Friends organization and/or a non-profit foundation on the other hand.
  • Staffing – Managing the competing needs of professional and paraprofessional staff members and scheduling for day time and evenings on six or seven day weeks.
  • Daniel’s Law – the applicability of Daniel’s Law to New Jersey public libraries.

In addition, Weiner Law Group’s attorneys have experience in related legal matters that apply to public libraries, including:

  • Labor & Employment Issues – Personnel costs make up the largest portion of public library budgets, and we have experience counseling and representing libraries with both unionized and non-union work forces, as well as in both Civil Service and non-Civil Service settings, and can assist with and support with regard to all issues arising in the relationship between a library and its staff members. Learn more about our Labor & Employment practice.
  • Public Contracting – As public entities, libraries are subject to requirements under NJ public contracting laws and regulations, as we have experience preparing and reviewing bid packets, and vendor and employment contracts, and in addressing a myriad of public contracting and bidding issues.
  • Transparency – We counsel public libraries on requirements for public meetings under the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA), including Rice Notices, and disclosure obligations under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).
  • Construction – We also have experience assisting libraries planning and implementing building construction and renovation projects, including reviewing grant applications, negotiating with architects and contractors, and enforcement actions, in the event a vendor does fulfill its contractual obligations on a project.

To learn more about how Weiner Law Group can help with legal issues associated with your library, it’s personnel and it’s patrons, contact Mr. Zucker; [email protected], office 9734031100, or cell 9739197259.