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Accused of Corporate Fraud? Early Legal Action is Key

WEINER LAWInsightsBusiness Litigation DefenseAccused of Corporate Fraud? Early Legal Action is Key
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Corporate Fraud

Success is a concept fundamental to running a business. Companies exist to serve the needs customers, and to maximize profitability in the process. While many New Jersey businesses have adopted stringent corporate governance practices to protect against malfeasance, cases of corporate fraud and white-collar crime arise and are litigated on the state and Federal levels.

When facing charges related to corporate fraud, a business will not only have to deal with the legal repercussions, but also with the effects these allegations will have on the company’s reputation and ability to do business.

Corporate fraud can encompass a wide range of activities. Some common examples include:

Personal Purchases: An employee (usually in a senior management position), can divert company assets to buy goods and services for his or her own personal use.

Skimming: Incoming funds are intercepted before they can be recorded in a company’s accounting records.

Tax Avoidance: Altering tax returns to reflect less taxable income than is really the case, resulting in lower tax remittances.

Asset Theft: Outright stealing of cash or fixed assets from the company for personal use.

Financial Statement Falsification: Altering numbers to inaccurately reflect the company’s financial position.

Weiner Law Group: Build a strong defense for you and your business

A key component to a prosecutor’s corporate fraud case is showing intent to defraud. Weiner Law Group will carefully analyze the details of the charges, consider all available defense options and counsel on the best path to pursue. If your business is threatened with corporate fraud, contact us right away. To learn more, call our office at 866-899-1138 or learn more about our White Collar Criminal Defense practice