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Divorce in New Jersey: The Basics of the CIS

WEINER LAWInsightsFamily LawDivorce in New Jersey: The Basics of the CIS

Family Law Thursday, October 25, 2018

Divorce is a creature of state law. As such, the exact process used to navigate a divorce will vary in each state. In New Jersey, those who go through a divorce generally need to complete a Case Information Statement (CIS). The court will use this form to help guide the asset division determination portion of the proceeding.

As noted in a recent publication by the National Law Review, the CIS is an important part of divorce in New Jersey. Not only does the court use this document to guide property division, but it can serve as a tool in litigation.

When does a party to divorce provide a CIS? The courts in New Jersey generally require the completion and delivery of this document to the other party after filing the Answer to a Complaint for Divorce. However, courts have discretion to change when they expect completion of this document.

How is a CIS put together? This document is composed of seven different parts: the case information, miscellaneous information, income information, monthly expenses, a balance sheet that includes all assets and disabilities, a statement of special problems and any required attachments.

It is important this document provides sufficient detail. The court needs this information to better ensure a fair and equitable split during the divorce process.

How can I mitigate the risk of mistakes within a CIS? Those going through a divorce can take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of any missed information within a CIS. A divorce lawyer experienced in these matters can help. Your legal counsel can help in situations a spouse may attempt to thwart the process and hide assets by gathering and compiling the information needed to accurately put together this document.