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Family Law

Understand Your Financial Rights

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You may rightfully feel that dividing the assets and liabilities (i.e., debts) you and your spouse acquired during a marriage is a daunting task. Determining who is entitled to what can be a complicated and intimidating process.

The New Jersey family law attorneys at Weiner Law Group LLP can guide you through understanding your rights as they relate to property and assets you may have brought into the marriage and acquired during the marriage. At Weiner Law Group LLP, we can help you identify and accurately value these assets and liabilities to ensure you understand your rights and interests.

Aren’t Those Your Assets?

Spouses not only share an entitlement to assets gained during the marriage, but they often share the responsibility for marital debt as well. Marital assets frequently include:

  • The family home
  • Bank accounts
  • Restricted stock options
  • Complex executive compensation packages
  • Investment and retirement accounts
  • Vehicles

Marital debt may include:

  • Credit card debt
  • Tax debt
  • Other liabilities

Whether dividing the equity in your home or distinguishing premarital assets from those that are marital, our New Jersey divorce lawyers are motivated to protect your property interests.

Discovering Undisclosed Assets, Evaluating Businesses

Sometimes a spouse is unaware of all the assets that were acquired by the other spouse during the marriage. The divorce lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP are prepared to uncover any undisclosed assets so that you may receive your equitable share.

Once assets have been identified, the next issue to tackle is the respective values of the assets. From construction businesses to restaurants to medical practices, it may be necessary to have a formal business evaluation or appraisal conducted to determine the asset’s true value. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers can assist you in engaging the appropriate experts to appraise or evaluate a business.

At Weiner Law Group LLP, we offer a team of strong, knowledgeable divorce lawyers to help guide you through the division of your marital assets. Contact our experienced team today at 866-899-1138 for guidance you can count on.