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Mediation During Quarantine: A Technological Twist on Family Law

WEINER LAWInsightsChild CustodyMediation During Quarantine: A Technological Twist on Family Law
Client Update: COVID-19 Information

During these unprecedented times, it is exceedingly important to continue moving a matter forward. The best way to do this during quarantine is to attend mediation remotely, whether it be telephonically or by video conference. While it may seem strange to attend such an important part of the litigation process remotely, the function is still the same.

How It Works

Typically, at an in-person mediation, both parties and counsel will meet with the mediator as he or she gives the set of guidelines and instructions for the mediation session; thereafter, the parties will separate and the mediator will meet with each side individually. Remote mediation is the same, only with the addition of technology. Instead of caucusing in separate rooms, the mediator will keep one side on the line or in the video conference, while the other side simply disconnects. The party and counsel who are not meeting with the mediator can then use this time to further prepare for their time with the mediator, if necessary.

Going Forward

Mediation is usually Ordered by the Court in most divorce matters, as well as cases involving child custody and parenting time. While the litigation process for these matters can prove to be both stressful and emotional, the benefits of mediation are extraordinary for resolving a matter quickly and amicably.

An experienced family law attorney can help discuss the particulars of mediation and help navigate you through any additional question you may have in anticipation of filing for a divorce or another family law matter.