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Taking Steps to Safeguard Your Financial Future During Divorce

WEINER LAWInsightsAlimonyTaking Steps to Safeguard Your Financial Future During Divorce

Alimony Child Support Divorce Family Law Thursday, September 10, 2020

If you and your spouse reach a point in life where parting ways is the healthiest option, you may be eager to move forward and open a new chapter in your life. However, with the potential gravity the outcome of your divorce could have on your life, you might be in search of advice on how to prepare for the process.

While ending your marriage will likely impact your life in various ways, a primary focus could revolve around possible financial ramifications. Since making the transition to a one-person income can be intimidating enough as is, taking steps to safeguard your financial future could prove imperative.

Addressing the necessary financial topics

It is no secret that divorce can be a highly emotional process. Since you may find it challenging to focus on what is best for your financial future during this period, some tips to help you prepare for this aspect of divorce may include the following:

  • Knowledge of state laws: When forming a strategy for divorce proceedings, you might find it essential to gain a clear understanding of New Jersey state divorce laws and how they will influence the process.
  • Knowledge of marital assets: Having knowledge of all marital assets, and the respective values of each, in turn could prove exceedingly beneficial in preparing yourself to enter negotiations.
  • Debts and taxes: Marital debts can also have an impact on the outcome of your divorce, and certain assets may also have varying tax consequences. Understanding how debts and taxes can impact the outcome of your situation is vital.
  • Presence of support payments: When spousal or child support payments are present, knowing exactly how long these payments will persist could prove vital to forming a plan for your financial future.

You may also find it helpful to take certain actions to protect your finances, such as closing joint checking and credit accounts. Once you finalize your divorce, it might be in your best interests to update and adjust information on accounts to reflect your new preferences.

Covering every aspect

Covering all the necessary factors associated with dissolving a marriage can be a daunting task, and without previous experience in the area, you could be feeling somewhat unprepared for what comes next. Fortunately, you don’t have to enter the process alone, and speaking to someone with intricate knowledge of the process could prove exceedingly beneficial. Seeking guidance early on could help you become better prepared to pursue a favorable outcome and protect your financial future throughout divorce proceedings.