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I’m in the Middle of an Ugly Divorce in New Jersey, and I Hate my Lawyer

WEINER LAWInsightsAlimonyI’m in the Middle of an Ugly Divorce in New Jersey, and I Hate my Lawyer

Alimony Divorce Family Law Monday, July 29, 2019

Now what do I do?

It is an unfortunate reality in the world of family law and divorce proceedings in New Jersey that at some point you will become disenchanted, displeased or otherwise disengaged from the advice and recommendations your attorney is giving you.  Now, candidly, that could be a result of emotional deficiencies, difference of opinion, billable hours, or even just simply too much pressure.  Whatever the reason it is a terrible situation to be involved in.

Need to change your divorce attorney mid- divorce?

The question is, as a client, what do you do?  There are a series of steps that need to be taken that can help you get to a final divorce.  It will take effort and planning to extricate yourself from your current attorney and then move to a new attorney.  If you are reading this article reflecting on your own situation, then you have some knowledge of the legal divorce process and are probably in the middle of going to court.  I am also sure that your attorney has not given you any action plan on getting to the final divorce.  Here are three simple steps with explanations that you can put into action to find an attorney that you will be happy with – one that helps you to the finish line of final divorce:


Go actually meet with and even pay another attorney for their time to review what has gone on and determine what has to be done to get a final divorce.  In looking for an attorney to help review your situation be sure to find an attorney who has experience in the particular areas of divorce matters that are troubling you.  Maybe the business valuation is not being completed or there has been little discussion about equitable distribution.   Start by asking your friends, family, coworkers or anybody else that you know to get the name of an experienced, recommended attorney.  If that doesn’t work, turn to the internet and search for an experienced divorce attorney in your area.  Do your homework.  Ask questions that might not have been obvious when choosing your previous attorney.  Who will be working on your case?  Does the attorney or firm have a network of forensic accountants and other experts within New Jersey they are familiar with?


Check and see what has been billed for and what has been paid.  Family attorneys are required to have you sign a retainer and then send monthly invoices to you so that you know what is happening with your money.  The process to get money back from the attorney that you want to leave is an easy one which your new attorney can help you with.


In assessing and reviewing your matter any experienced family/divorce attorney will be able to tell you what you have gone through and then give an action plan as to what steps need to be taken to obtain a final judgment of divorce.  Divorce attorneys are not fortune tellers.  Their advice takes into account you and your soon-to-be-ex’s actions in acting reasonable and listening to sound strong reasonable advice as to what steps to take to obtain a final divorce.  You will be able to help your attorney as to what to expect from your ex.

Finally, in reading this article your level of anxiety and stress is probably getting worse with the possibility of moving into the unknown with another New Jersey divorce attorney.  That, in combination with your unfortunate experiences with current counsel make this task even more daunting.  You must be strong: emotionally, physically and financially by keeping a daily log and sticking to a battleplan.  Move your body, go for a walk, eat healthier and seriously take care of yourself.  Self-care will give you some clarity through this process.  Also start a daily blog for yourself to write down your thoughts and get all that negative, bad energy out of your mind.  Just like a root canal the only thing good about a divorce is when it is over, and you can get there and enjoy the next chapter in your life.   Have questions?  Contact Chris.

About the Author

Partner Christopher Leon Garibian, Esq., Matrimonial PartnerChristopher Leon Garibian, Esq. is a Partner of Weiner Law Group LLP’Matrimonial Department and has been Certified as a Matrimonial Attorney by The Supreme Court of New Jersey.  He is experienced in handling complex issues of divorce and family law actions.  Christopher’s experience covers all areas of family law including alimony, child support, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, child custody, grandparent rights, adoption, LGBT matters, post judgment collections issues, termination of alimony based on cohabitation and all matters of finances for couples and individuals who share children and are not married.  “Action causes reaction,” is a simple and strong statement that encompasses Christopher’s thoughts and practice. Whether he is working through preciosities in a high net worth divorce or hammering out the details in a multi state custody battle, Christopher’s ability to connect with clients is one of his greatest talents.