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Weiner Law Group Obtains Emergency TRO on Behalf of Waramaug LS Hotels

WEINER LAWInsightsBusiness LawWeiner Law Group Obtains Emergency TRO on Behalf of Waramaug LS Hotels

Waramaug TRO

In Waramaug LS Hotels, et al. v. Jiang Cheng USA, Weiner Law Group lawyers Paul Grossman, Michael Mietlicki, and Chris Seelinger obtained an emergency Temporary Restraining Order on 12/12/22, less than 24 hours after filing the complaint, enjoining the Defendant from violating a Delaware LLC operating agreement.

The case is before Justice Melissa A. Crane of the New York Supreme Court Commercial Division and the TRO was granted following oral argument by Paul Grossman.  The order prevented Defendant from triggering over $30 million in loan recourse guaranties held by Plaintiffs.

Mr. Grossman, Mr. Mietlicki and Mr. Seelinger are members of Weiner Law Group’s Business and Corporate Law team with extensive experience in New York and New Jersey state and federal courts. If you’d like to contact Mr. Grossman, Mr. MietlickiMr. Seelinger, or any of the Weiner Law Group attorneys, please contact us at 973-403-1100.

Paul S. Grossman

Michael Mietlicki

Chris Seelinger