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Workers’ Compensation Fraud: Red Flags to Watch For

WEINER LAWInsightsEmployment LawWorkers’ Compensation Fraud: Red Flags to Watch For

NJ Worker's Compensation Claims

Running a business in New Jersey in these competitive times can be fraught with risk. This is not only due to outside forces such as competition and market fluctuations, but also internally, by employees who may file a fraudulent claim for workers’ compensation. The question becomes: Is the claim legitimate?

Lawsuits can be part and parcel when doing business. At Weiner Law Group, our experienced defense attorneys are ready to protect your business and personal interests by thoroughly investigating claims made against you to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

In reviewing a workers’ compensation claim that may appear to be fraudulent, there are often potential warning signs:

  1. Employment change – The reported accident occurs immediately before or after a job termination, layoff, at the end of a big project or the conclusion of seasonal work.
  2. Suspicious providers – An employee’s medical providers or legal consultants have a history of handling suspicious claims.
  3. No witnesses – No witnesses to corroborate the story of the accident.
  4. Differing accounts – The employee’s description of the accident doesn’t reflect the injury report.
  5. Frequent “flyer” – The claimant has made multiple suspicious claims in the past.
  6. Refuses treatment – The claimant refuses to be seen by a doctor regarding the injury.
  7. Late reporting – A delay in reporting the claim without a reasonable explanation.
  8. On the move – The claimant has a history of frequently changing doctors, home addresses or jobs.

Weiner Law Group: specializing in claims defense, preventative counsel and more

 At Weiner Law Group LLP, we understand that the process of workers’ compensation law and litigation isn’t always clear-cut. That is why we are dedicated to assisting with other possible scenarios, such as policy issues, risk management, protocol discovery and many other issues beyond just workers’ compensation litigation. For more information on how we can help you, call 973-403-1100 or visit www.weiner.law/practice-areas/new-jersey-workers-compensation.