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Is there an app out there to help you reduce post-divorce stress?

WEINER LAWInsightsChild CustodyIs there an app out there to help you reduce post-divorce stress?

Child Custody Friday, May 24, 2019

If you’re one of many (if not most) New Jersey residents who use a cellphone or computer on a regular basis, you’re likely familiar with numerous types of apps that you can install on a device. Some apps are just for fun, such as games or apps to create your own memes. Others can add convenience and organization to your life, such as those that allow you to budget your finances or schedule time to exercise.

You might be surprised to learn that are several helpful apps you can use to keep post-divorce (in particular, co-parenting) stress to a minimum. When you got married, you likely never dreamed you’d one day become a co-parent and be single again. Now that it’s happened, you want to keep your children’s best interests in mind and avoid problems (especially legal ones) with your ex.

Prevent transportation confusionJust getting kids to and from school, sporting events or social occasions can be greatly challenging after divorce. Your children may split their time between two different households or more, and you and your ex might both work full-time, adding fuel to the fire where transportation challenges are concerned.

Many co-parents find it helpful to use apps to organize and track transportation. You can log all pick-ups and drop-offs as well as schedule notifications to remind you when it’s your turn to drive the kids somewhere or to meet your ex for a custody exchange.

Child support payments made easy

Whether you’re the paying parent or are on the receiving end, it’s good to know that some websites allow you to schedule, make and track child support payments all in one place. That can really come in handy if a problem arises, such as if you were expecting a payment and it doesn’t arrive or if you think you’ve missed a payment and need to review your records.

Remember: Your children’s best interests are the priority

You and your ex undoubtedly have some differences of opinion, otherwise you might not have decided to divorce. However, as co-parents, it’s always best to try to work together as a team for the sake of the kids. Using advanced technology to your advantage can help you make the best of your co-parenting experience.

It can also help your children cope when they witness their parents’ willingness to cooperate and compromise regarding their care. Using apps and online websites can help everyone involved keep schedules straight, organize finances, make vacation plans or address other personal issues while avoiding negative surprises or confusion when it comes to custody and child support.

If a problem arises that you can’t handle

There’s no shame in reaching out for added support if a problem surfaces that you don’t feel equipped to handle on your own. Especially if the issue is a legal one, it’s far better to rely on experienced guidance and support than to try to overcome a problem when you may not even fully understand what options are available or how to protect your rights.