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Weiner Law Group Obtains TRO on behalf of Northeast Supreme

WEINER LAWInsightsbusiness litigationWeiner Law Group Obtains TRO on behalf of Northeast Supreme

Northeast Supreme

In Northeast Supreme v. Northeast Angels Softball, et al., Weiner Law Group lawyers Paul Grossman and Chris Seelinger obtained a Temporary Restraining Order (on 11/4/22) and Preliminary Injunction (on 12/2/22) enjoining the Defendants from infringing the Plaintiff’s unregistered trademark under the Lanham Act.

The case is in Southern District of New York and the Preliminary Injunction was granted after Chris Seelinger appeared for a 90-minute show cause hearing before Judge Nelson S. Román.

We were able to meet the heavy burden for preliminary injunctive relief by demonstrating both the strength of the trademark and the likelihood of confusion caused by the Defendants’ actions under the Second Circuit’s Polaroid factors.

Mr. Grossman and Mr. Seelinger are members of Weiner Law Group’s Business and Corporate Law team with extensive experience in New York and New Jersey state and federal courts. If you’d like to contact Mr. Grossman, Mr. Seelinger, or any of the Weiner Law Group attorneys, please contact us at 973-403-1100.

Paul S. Grossman

Chris Seelinger