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Family Law

Preserving Parents' Custody Rights Through Tough Relocation Proceedings

If your ex wants to move out of state with the kids, or you receive a remote job offer that’s half way across the country, what’s going to happen to your children? Will you be able to take them with you? Or, if you ex takes them with her, will you be able to get regular visitation with them?

Relocation can pose many challenges, especially when prior child custody arrangements are involved. Talking to an attorney at Weiner Law Group LLP might help you gain clarity and make smarter decisions about your family’s future. We devote exacting personal attention to every case we take on, and we’re proud to represent our neighbors in Parsippany in the most challenging of family law cases.

How Do Relocations Impact Families?

When parents who have custody move away from New Jersey, it can be difficult for noncustodial parents to come to terms with their intentions. You might simply be trying to take your kids to a healthier environment or become a better provider, but if your former partner doesn’t consent to the move, you may have to seek a court order. In such cases, judges consider factors such as:

  • Your reasons for moving
  • What your child prefers
  • What kind of environment your child will reside in
  • Your history with the other parent

New Jersey law provides various mechanisms that might help you smooth the transition. Adhering to the restrictions is important if you want to maintain your custody rights and minimize the disruption to your children’s lives following a divorce. The lawyers at Weiner Law Group LLP respect your desire to do what’s best for your kids, and we’re also well-versed in helping you understand your legal obligations.

Let Us Guide You Through The Legal Realities

As a custodial or noncustodial parent, it’s vital to follow the law at both the state and federal levels. Whether you come to an amicable agreement or you require supervised mediation, you’re better off having an actionable plan before court intervention becomes necessary.

The Weiner Law Group LLP team works with you to chart a plan that lets you or your ex relocate without compromising either of your rights. Our primary focus is on identifying solutions that satisfy your needs without negatively impacting your children. Explore your options by speaking to us at 866-899-1138, or get in touch with us by using our online contact form. We are dedicated to your cause — and will go above and beyond to get you what you deserve.